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Why DataFileHost is a bad platform for music?


With a variety of local musicians releasing new music these days and it’s a challenge for music lovers to have access to to download the music. There are a variety of platforms that provide the music for download, whether as a free downloads or in premium. The ones we’re familiar with is SoundCloud, Reverbnation, Kasimp3, ZippyShare, Hulkshare and Datafilehost.

Keep an attention to the recent local releases, artists have been relying more in SoundCloud as well as Datafilehost. SoundCloud is well-known for its the reliability, ease of use, and capability to share music across other platforms, however this is only available to mobile users.

Then Datafilehost is popular due to the single and sole reason of ….easy access. However, it is the most unfavorable platform in the digital world in terms of reliability, accuracy, verification and support. Artists who are worried about the accuracy of their numbers and statistics will not be able to walk anywhere near this platform since they know that they will not be able to be able to verify the data shown on their documents.

Many times, we’ve seen on social media that local artists claim that their music has been downloaded this many downloads. If we want to ask for a comprehensive analysis of the data gathered from the downloads, it’s impossible to find it and the platform cannot provide that complete information.

The meaning of “Claim”: state or claim that something is true usually but without providing proof or evidence

Let’s begin by looking at an in-depth look at the facts that prove Datafilehost is a complete sham..

– Datafilehost cannot confirm the numbers of downloads Datafilehost cannot keep track of where downloads came from or who downloaded them.

— Datafilehost is unable to track the information of the person who uploads music. This is especially true the case when someone has illegally uploaded your music.
The platform doesn’t allow you to search music or files.

The terms and conditions aren’t clear e.g ‘ provides no assurance in any way regarding the quality of its service. cannot be held accountable for any loss or damage or damage whatsoever caused by the inability to access its website for a period of time or the closing of its website permanently.

Contrary to SoundCloud , Datafilehost does not include a player feature that allows customers to play tracks prior to downloading them and also to permit embedding.
It will install a download manager’ application if the user does not uncheck the radio button prior to downloading.

The worst user experience available to mobile users…if you try to download a track from an Android browser, you will be taken to a site that requires you to download games or apps. A iPhone users are not able to download anything from Datafilehost.

We also decided to reach out to Datafilehost to discuss two points:

Hello Guys We would be interested in knowing if:

1. We are able to provide download statics when we’ve made an available download file on your platform
2. Can you confirm that the numbers displayed in downloaded times are 100% accurate, and If so, how do they get confirmed?

Datafilehost reply
Hello Sir, or Madam

The statistics for downloads are available on the link to download page. Concerning the reliability of the download information It should be fairly precise, even though there are occasions that people are required to click more than once to download. But for the majority of downloads, it ought to be very accurate unless individuals are deliberately trying to take advantage of the system.

Thank you for your kind words,
-Datafilehost Team

Their response was still uninteresting They didn’t even answer the question we wanted to know.

From these points, let’s explore local music that we’ve tracked and measured which were made available via this platform. We’ve seen local artists such as Cassper Nyovest, REASON, Kwesta, Kid X, Major League DJz, Riky Rick, and many more using the platform to distribute their music. Naturally, as we’ve said, this is an extremely accessible platform, and we believe this is the reason they opted to stay. However, we’re not sure if they are focused on the accuracy or verification of their figures.

First, we the test. we uploaded a document on the platform, and then only gave the file to four people to download it once. After those four people informed us that they had download the file we got 7 total of downloads. One was on a desktop, and three were using smartphones. which we later discovered was that the downloads for mobile devices were cheating since they multiplied two, meaning that one mobile downloads reflect two downloads. To confirm this, we ran the download button on the Blackberry smartphone, then refreshed the page and the number of downloads was 9.

When you look at this situation, it is a clear indication of the fraud in the system since mobile downloads increase in size and this ruins the precision of the numbers as we go. Therefore, you could look at this scenario if you’re an artist and the total number of downloads for a song is 600 , assuming 300 downloads coming from desktop users and another 300 coming from mobile users. the result is that 150 downloads constitute an absolute cheat, which means that your downloads could range from 400 to 500 total.

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Then we move on to different scenarios that we have observed and measured:

SCENARIO 1. Zulu Girls (Major League Djz f.t Riky Rick)

Time stamp / No. Downloads:
11:04 AM – 733 381
11:05 AM – 11:05 AM – (148 downloads in just 60 seconds)
11:06 AM – 11:06 AM –
11:08 AM 11:08 AM – 74 035 (351 downloads within 60 seconds)
11:09 AM – 74207
11:31 AM – 777 381
11:42 AM – 778 821
12:03 AM – 81-631 (2810 downloads in 21 minutes)

SCENARIO 2. Ashes 2 Ashes (Cassper Nyovest)

Time stamp / No. Downloads:
9:21 am – 23 616
9:22 am – 09:22 AM – 24 049 (433 downloads in just 60 seconds)
9:00 AM to 25 2228
08:35 AM to 7 864 (2636 downloads in 10 minutes)
08:36 am – 29 411 (547 downloads within 60 seconds)
09:37 AM – 28:925
09:39 AM to 29302
10 AM to 35 550
10:05 AM 10:05 AM – 39 560 (4010 downloads in 5 minutes)
10:30 AM – 43555 (3995 downloads in just 25 minutes)

SCENARIO 3. 3 Quarter Pace (Kid X)

Time stamp / No. Downloads:
07:01 AM – – 260
08:03 PM 07:03 PM (1097 downloads within 3 minutes)
08:06 PM 04:06 PM (3006 downloads in just 3 minutes)
8:09 pm – 42 346 (1983 downloaded files received over just 3 minutes)
09:15:15 PM, 45 044 (2668 downloads in 6 minutes)
08:23 PM 08:23 PM – 50 417 (5403 downloads in 8 minutes)

Looking at the differentiators between time stamps, this brings up a lot of questions about the time lapse as well as the amount of traffic and the amount of people downloading.

With Twitter being used to promote download links of the majority of artists however, the numbers don’t count when calculating the artist’s followers, and first numbers of downloads they’ve received within the first minute. Please take note that this doesn’t count the retweets or sharing from other mass-followed users. We’ve been glued at the twitter platform, refreshing it and counting the number of downloads by minutes, and we are monitoring the analysis of the first tweet with links to downloads.

We aren’t in any way challenging, arguing or being hostile to any artist. Let that be evident. We aren’t suggesting that the download numbers that we receive as fans is not feasible but they do raise questions.

The issue now is that numbers are easily manipulated by using robots (robot, or in simpler terms bot is a computer program which runs automated tasks on the Internet) unless when employing a trustworthy monitoring tool. With Datafilehost It’s not just that it impossible to confirm the figures, but it’s also difficult to know which songs are being used to download most. Therefore, to say you’ve got 400K downloads is just a waste of time. Who are these 400K people? Where are they located? On Twitter or Facebook, along with your followers and followers you can observe measurable results, such as likes, retweets or impressions, reach , or shares. In this instance, with your 400K downloads , how do you convert this data into a profit? Do you have the ability to utilize it for anything?

For us, we’re wondering why more local artists are putting their music on platforms with no explicit guidelines for communication or guidelines on copyright?

How is the site be able to handle such a large amount of traffic? To make it clear to you the site can’t be labeled a sharing or download network, but instead an advertising platform. How can this be? The platform deceives fans and artists to increase the number of impressions they get from their ads and gives inaccurate numbers and make money from it. Every social network incurs costs from servers, employees and so on.

How can Datafilehost manage to afford servers that are so massive hosting such large volume of downloads within minutes, hours and for all those users across the globe? We hope that the query is answered.

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