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Top Cartoon Characters with Dreads

Cartoon Characters with Dreads

There are a variety of hairstyles that are suitable for a variety of cartoon characters, however it’s very uncommon to see characters with terrible hairstyles. From superheroes and sidekicks to superheroes, hairstyles with dreadlocks can give characters an edge. The braids and dreadlocks or locks styles are various kinds of hair that can provide a person with a distinctive appearance. Without further delay let’s get started and discover.

The Best cartoon characters with dreads

Otto Rocket from Rocket Power:

Otto is half Hawaiian figure An arrogant leader who is always in trouble. He is an expert in all the extreme games. His dreadlocks are an iconic feature of his appearance and are often visible flying in the wind when he glides down the street riding his board. Otto can do everything to make it difficult to demonstrate how courageous his style is. He has dark red dreadlocks.

The Sideshow Bob of the Simpsons:

Sideshow Bob was initially Bart Simpson’s arch nemesis trying to conquer Springfield as a town Springfield and get revenge on Bart by any means possible. What is what makes Sideshow Bob distinctive is the fact that he can be both funny and evil simultaneously. Dreadlocks of Sideshow Bob have become an integral aspect of his appearance making him stand out with a distinct look and distinguishing him from other cartoon characters of the same ilk. It is certainly among the top well-known cartoon characters who sport dreads.

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Nils Nielsen:

The most well-known animated characters with dreads are Nils Nielsen. This daring character of the popular animated show Nils is a brave young elf who goes on an exciting adventure to locate that mysterious Kale and shield it from the evil forces. Nils is joined by his faithful companion, Yllar.

Nils is well-known for his adventurous nature and his trademark Dreadlocks. The hairstyle he wears is an undercut with dreadlocks being pulled away from his face, and then gathered on the nape of his neck.


One of Doug’s distinctive characteristics is his Dreadlocks. The messy, wild hair is a distinctive appearance that distinguishes him from other characters from cartoons. Since the moment the show premiered Doug’s hair has been an emblem of his style and character and are among the many aspects that make him a unique cartoon character.

Chode McBlob, who is Tripping the Rift:

Chode McBlob has become a well-loved cartoon character in the show Tripping the Rift. Chode McBlob is a red jelly-like creature, with three eyes and Dreadlocks. Chode is an interstellar bounty hunter along with his robotic companion Gus as well as two robots, journeys through space looking for treasure and adventure. His dreads provide an energy source that protect him from undiscovered dangers of space.

Prince Zula from Conan the Adventurer:

Zula is Conan’s most trusted friend. He is a generous and educated leader. He has the title of prince Wasai. He has the ability to talk to animals, has shaman abilities and assists Conan in exchange for free assistance to his parents.

Barbabeau is from Barbapapa:

Barbapapa is the sole one with curly hair in this cartoon. He is an artist that is not able to draw in his sketchbook.

Edd “Double D” from Ed”Double D” from Edd Eddy:

Ed is a cartoon character that hides his dread behind an adorable beanie. He is kind to anyone who is in his vicinity, and does not think about how other characters aren’t nice to him. He is among the most loved characters of the animated series. He is the most physically weak however, he is the most clever and inventive part of the Eds. When he is in trouble, the way he thinks is always to stay clear of any trouble.

Nadine In Hey Arnold:

Nadine has a connection to nature and insects, particularly. His horrible hair looks like a spider. Nadine is Rhonda’s most trusted friend.

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Darwin of Gumball from the Amazing World of Gumball:

Gumball’s goldfish, who was an extended family member, grew legs, developed dreads and then began to speak. Darwin is a kind and humble man who is always looking for the good in other people. And always goes out of his way to help those in need and the poor.

Pickles taken from The Metalocalypse:

A singer, drummer as well as songwriter and the lead guitarist. He is Irish native of Tomahawk. He is a steady member. He has a pickle drinking issue. Pickle is bald , but the remaining red hairs turn into Dreadlocks. In the 80s, he wore the glam haircut of his teens.

Skeeter and baby Scooter of The Muppet Babies Cartoon. Muppet Babies Cartoon:

Scooter is the stage manager, as well as an expert in mechanical engineering. The first character, Skeeter, is a scooter-sister. These characters were made for cartoons. Both characters have the same hair dread style.

Maurice (Numbuh 9) from Kids Next Door:

Maurice is an American-born cartoon character sporting huge brown hairdos. He is a skilled operator in the v sector and is believed to be a good buddy. He also launched an ambush on The Teen Ninjas.

Susie Carmichael from Rugrats:

Susie is a gifted singer as well as a student. She usually does not have a bad sense of humor, her dreadlocks are a disaster, tied with three red tie with flowers. It is the only one female with hair dreads this list.

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Hermes Conrad of Futurama:

Hermes Conrad The Jamaican Bureaucrat in Matt Groening’s Futurama is the best illustration of a cartoon who has hair that is dreadful. Hermes is the director of the Planet Express delivery service, and his stoic attitude is only matched by his distinctive style of clothes. Even though he’s often criticized for his hairstyle the style reminds him of his dedication to his culture.


When you look at these 15 classic cartoon characters sporting dreadlocks, it’s evident that dreadlocks are an extremely effective and fun way to show the individuality and creativity of. Although some of these characters have taken to the style in a different way than others they all have left an impression on the field of animation. We hope this list given you the courage to be a true artist and showcase your own unique style.

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