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These are the Top Ten Shipping Firms in Singapore


It’s a competitive industry with demand is high in the present. Shipping companies are those who are involved in the transport of shipments of items as well as servicesby ships, or other forms of transport. It is a sector that deals with shipping. Recently the shipping industry has faced a huge amount of competition.

So, a lot of shipping companies are now also forming alliances with each other to the sake of their long-term viability. They provide the needs of chartering ships and ship agency, shipping supply and more. We will soon be talking on the top 10 companies in the shipping industry that are located within Singapore.

The Top Ten List of Shipping companies in Singapore :

Englee Shipping:

Eng Lee Shipping is one of the top 10 companies in shipping at Singapore founded on November 29th the year 1990. Eng Lee Shipping is operating by a strategy that is designed to provide dependable, high-quality and dependable service as well as the most competitive rates for shipping in the market. They have a proven track record and are proficient in areas like efficient management, efficient use of financial resources and also reducing the use in human resource costs.

Advantages and Advantages and English Lee Shipping offers services such as load and unload containers and warehouse facilities to store CY/depo, greater than 2500 containers handling general cargos as well as managing multi-purpose warehouses and more. They are in partnership in partnership with PT Bandar teguh Abadi, and PT Bandar Teguh Nusantara. PT Bandar Abadi shipyard.This is one of the top shipping companies with its headquarters at Singapore.

  • Contact: +65 6533 3222
  • Address: 2 Havelock Rd, #05-07 Havelock Ii, Singapore 059783
  • Email id:
  • Website:

World Wide Ship Management :

World-wide Ship administration is among the top recognizable companies in the field of shipping and is one of those shipping companies located in Singapore founded in 2009. It is a privately owned Singapore-based business with the aim of expanding into the area that manages crews. Offering competent officers and crew with years of experience and expertise from Asia and Eastern Europe to clients all around the world.

Pros and Cons They offer all the necessary services that are related to shipping including crewing/manning, administration of ships, water supply repairs to dry docks, chartering stores and provisions, ship spare parts and other. The company is run by highly skilled, experienced staff who are able to meet their client’s needs. It is one of the businesses that are featured within TheBest Transportation Companies you can find in Singapore. can be found in Singapore.

  • Contact: +65 6635 2099
  • Address: 60 Paya Lebar Rd, Paya Lebar Square, Singapore 409051
  • Email id:
  • Website:

Sinoda Shipping Agency :

Sinoda shipping agency is among the cargo shipping firms based in Singapore founded in 1992. They offer expert marine solutions which include brokerage services and ship supply, and surveyors as well as consultants, Hub agency services and ship conversion services.

Benefits and Advantages Sinoda shipping company provides the finest services to all their clients. They are also well-known as a major player in Singapore. Sinoda Shipping is a part of the Singapore shipping organization. They provide services at low cost to the worldwide shipping industry.

  • Contact: +65 6227 2711
  • Address: 10 Anson Rd, #15-01/02/03 International Plaza, Singapore 079903
  • Website:

Pacmar Shipping Pte.Ltd :

Pacmar Shipping acts as an agent of marine and shipping service providers in Singapore and also one of those logistic shipping companies in Singapore established in 1993. They were recognized as the best shipping across three main areas, which includes chartering ships , ship agency, as well as supply of ships. Pacmar shipping aims to connect continents and provide high-quality service and with the highest flexibility to their customers.

They specialize in the purchase of European supplies which aren’t easily accessible in Singapore. They stay up to date with the latest trends in the field of shipping and provide services to a variety of customers from all over the world , with particular attention to customers that are of Asia, Asian origin.

Benefits and Advantages They are committed to creating trust through providing high quality services at a reasonable cost to customers who are content. Pacmar shipping has ambition to be ahead of the curve in shipping industry competition, not only in Asia but throughout the globe, by going over in providing top-quality service for their customers.

  • Contact: +65 6221 3608
  • Address Address 9. Raffles Pl, 15-01 Republic Plaza, Singapore 048619
  • Email ID:
  • Website:

Singapore Shipping Corporation :

Singapore Shipping Corporation Singapore Shipping Corporation an established company for shipping situated in Asia situated in Singapore founded in 1984. They have a highly trained group of expert mariners and experienced engineers and experts in marine. They provide their services with confidence and speed to their customers.

Advantages and Advantages and Singapore Shipping Corporation’s services include ship management operating ships, owning ships, terminal operation, ship agency, logistics services and many more. It’s among the 10 top shipping companies in Singapore. They also provide warehousing logistics as well as tugging for freight forwarding along with other marine services.This is one of the top 10 shipping firms that are located within Singapore.

  • Contact: +65-62204906
  • Address: 200 Cantonment Road #09-01 Southpoint Singapore,
  • Email id:
  • Website:

Global Energy :

Global Energy is one of the most reputable marine service providers located in Singapore established in 1992. It is one of the leading 10 shipping companies in Singapore that provide a broad variety of products and services that include marine fuel regional shipping, chartering vessels shipping management, and cargo transfer.

Advantages and Advantages and Their main business is to trade and supply for marine-based fuels , the transport of petroleum productsand tankers. They’re dedicated to providing best quality products as well in providing the best service to their clients. It’s among the most prestigious Logistics Companies in Singapore.

Samudera Shipping :

Samudera Shippingis an international shipping company involved in the transport of cargo that is containerized as well as non-containerized via its bulk, container and tanker systems for businesses. It is one of the most reliable transport firms in Singapore, founded in 1993.

The products they provide include tanker shipping, bulk container shipping offshore carriers, and ship management. Their services connect various regions within South Asia, the Indian subcontinent and the middle East and their offerings extend across their services to the Middle East. They have a track expertise and professionalism.

Benefits and advantages The company has the goal to connect Indonesia as well as other countries. The company’s goal is actively contributing to the creation of employment and the growth of the human capital. Their primary principles are integrity and professionalism.

  • Contact: 022 6659 4700
  • Address 402, 4th Floor Rustomjee Aspire Building, Sewri – Chembur Rd, GTB Nagar, Everard Nagar, Sion, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400022
  • Email id:
  • Website:

Fastrans forwarding :

Accelerates Forwardingis a Singapore-based shipping business which was established in the year 2000. They specialize in the transportation of air and sea cargoes that travel between Singapore and Indonesia. They provide a broad range of logistics and freight services and door-to-door services, including ocean and air freight forwarding service, and more. They ensure the best quality in customer service. It is one of the top logistics firms within Singapore.

AAC Shipping:

AAC Shipping is listed as one of the most reliable shipping companies operating from Singapore. AAC Shipping is a multi-award winner company that provides globally in ocean shipping. It was established in year 2009. Their main shipping services include chattering and messaging solutions, and fixed trade routes and liner services. They provide services in many areas, including exploration and extraction of gas and oil, as well as energy development, and farming.

Benefits and advantages: They have won many awards for their outstanding performance in business. They have been named ‘break large operator of the yearin 2016. top project cargo shipping, top project cargo for 2016, top shippers of project cargo in 2017 Bet Logistics 2017 as well as numerous other awards.

ALTRON Shipping:

The ALTRON Shipping is a shipping company with the motto “Your needs are of the highest priority. ALTRON Shipping was founded in 1997, and is acknowledged throughout the world and has an excellent reputation. They transport all sorts of goods at an affordable price.

Benefits and Advantages They’re determined to provide personalised, top-quality freight services to private and corporate customers across the globe. Their services include international freight logistics, transportation as well as projects and management of freight and heavy lifting. It’s one of the most well-known Logistics Companies in Singapore.

  • Contact: +65 6325 6500
  • Address: 31 Bukit Batok Cres, Singapore 658070
  • Email id:
  • Website:

Best Shipping Companies in Singapore :

Sl.No.Corporate NamesIts Year as its founderWebsites of companies
1Eng Lee Shipping1990
2International Ship Management2009
3Sinoda shipping agency1992
4Pacmar shipping1993
5Singapore Shipping Corporation1984
6Global energy1992
7Samudera Shipping1993
8Fastrans forwading2000
9AAC Shipping2009
10ALTRON Shipping1997

The Top 10 Shipping Companies in SingaporeBest shipping companies within SingaporeTop Shipping companies SingaporeShipping Logistics businesses located in SingaporeCargo service are available in Singapore Cargo serviceLogistics services

FAQ’s on the top 10 Shipping companies located in Singapore :

What exactly is a shipping business?

Shipping companies are one that offers transportation of products and services via ship or other means of transport.

What are some of the top reliable shipping companies across the globe?

Mediterranean Shipping Company
Evergreen Marine Corp
Yang Ming Marine Transport Corporation
Ocean Network Express
Hyundai Merchant Marine
Pacific International Lines
Zim Integrated Shipping Services

The most popular 10 companies that ship in Singapore?

Shipping provided by Englee
International Ship Management
Shinoda shipping agency
Pacman shipping
Singapore Shipping Corporation
Global energy
Samudera Shipping
Fastens forwarding
AAC Shipping
ALTRON Shipping

What are the different kinds of services that a transport company can provide?

Digital warehouses Shipping and shipping management, transportation, and many more.

Which is the largest shipping company in the world?

Maersk Line

Which shipping companies are in Singapore?

There are over 5 000 shipping companies that operate in Singapore.

Which is your most economical way to ship?

Shipping parcels is the most economical option if need faster delivery. The most cost-effective method of shipping is typically USPS Priority mail.

What is the top. top shipping company across the world?

Maersk. Maersk is the Danish company. Maersk is ranked number one among the top 15 biggest shipping companies in the world. Maersk is the largest shipping company in the world since 1996. 10 shipping companies hail originated from Singapore and it is believed that it’s not intending to renounce its title as its capacity surpassed 4 million TEU by the year 2020.

How do I start an organization in the field of the shipping industry in Singapore?

  1. Incorporate business.
  2. Find the best place.
  3. Hire Staff.
  4. Request Licenses and Permits.
  5. Harbour Craft Licence.
  6. How do I apply for a Harbour Craft Licence.
  7. Port Clearance for vessels leaving from Singapore.

Which is the most reliable shipping company in Singapore?

The well-known shipping companies in Singapore can provide expert marine services with the lowest cost for international shipping. Top 10 Shipping firms in Singapore and in general, the goal of a shipping business can be to link all the continents and to deliver the goods of their clients with the best quality and with the greatest flexibility.

How do I start my own shipping company?

  1. Develop a solid business plan. It’s impossible to begin an entire business from scratch. you’ll require financing sources or partners should budgetary concerns arise.
  2. Start-Up Cost.
  3. Locating A Office Address.
  4. Staff.
  5. Marketing.

How do I forward a FedEx package to Singapore?

  1. Before you ship Created with Sketch. Register for an account. Create a account user ID. Ship Online.
  2. Manage your shipment using Sketch. Design Customs Documents. You must fill out the form for a commercial invoice.
  3. After You Ship designed with Sketch. Follow a shipping. You can alter how you deliver.

What exactly is shipping line?

Shipping lines, sometimes referred to as a shipping business is an organization that’s primary concern is the management and operation of vessels.

Which is the most trustworthy business in international shipping?

  • DHL. The most well-known International Shipping companies worldwide.
  • FedEx.
  • UPS.
  • USPS.
  • Australia Post.
  • Canada Post.
  • Royal Mail.
  • DB Schenker.

Which is most effective shipper?

The most expensive of the three carriers FedEx also offers three US express delivery services in of the US (from the highest priced to the lowest): FedEx First Overnight Top 10 shippers from Singapore and the fastest choice. Delivery can be made at 8:00 am on the following day of business for most US destinations. Delivery is scheduled for at 2:00 pm to all other destinations with extended hours.

Which is the most affordable alternative for international shipping?

In the end the most cost-effective shipping option for international delivery is generally USPS because of its ability to have international shipping at a cost that is not as than UPS and FedEx.Top 10 Shipping firms in Singapore and employing UPS or FedEx for international delivery without accounts for businesses can cost you a lot, as their costs are almost three times more expensive than USPS.

Is there a longest-running shipping firm?

It is the longest-running shipping business in existence, Stephenson Clarke Shipping Ltd. It is now in liquidation after nearly 300 years in operation. Top Ten Shipping Companies in Singapore and is now the victim of the global recession that is growing more severe.

Which country has the most shipping industry?

At a global, corporate scale China COSCO Shipping is the largest shipping company in the world. It was established within its position in the Top 10 Shipping Companies in Singapore and also in a merger with COSCO Shipping Group, COSCO Shipping Group and COSCO Group as well as COSCO Group and the China Shipping Group in 2016 . It has an extensive fleet of over 800 merchant vessels totalling 74.5 million.

Which shipping firm pays the highest amount of money?

The most lucrative job available at Great Eastern Shipping Company is the Master Mariner position paying Rs40.2 Lakhs per year.

Is Amazon a business that ships?

Amazon direct is the one that handles 70% of its deliveries. It is currently fourth largest company in the United States for shipping packages service.Top Ten Shipping Businesses based in Singapore and will continue to bear the burden the likes of FedEx, UPS, and USPS.

What’s the largest container ship?

The vessel was constructed by an organisation called Samsung Heavy Industries, Geoje shipyard has capable of carrying 21 413 TEU. It is the largest container vessel built and is among the top 10 shipping Companies located in Singapore and is 399.87 meters, has a length of 58.8 metres , and the distance that is 32.5 meters.

Which is the largest manufacturer shipping containers?

CIMC has been dubbed the the largest shipping container maker in the world with a capacity of two million containers. It is also one of most prestigious 10 shipping businesses that are based in Singapore in addition to being the first business to surpass that 2 million threshold of TEUs around the globe.

Do you believe that shipping can be a lucrative option for your company?

Shipping can be an growing business opportunity that could bring in profits for franchises and independent firms. The top 10 shipping companies located in Singapore in addition to those who are looking for an all-inclusive approach to your business franchises like UPS Store UPS Store can offer owners an instant chance to earn money in the postal and business sector.

How do shipping companies earn money?

Shipping can help you earn revenue Through the Top Ten Shipping Companies from Singapore and also through the sale of packaging materials, boxes and labour costs and shipping expenses. Any additional insurance you buy to ensure the value of the goods that are being transported.


It is known as a highly competitive industry that is expanding with technological advancements day-to-day. To remain sustainable, the most of the Top Ten Shipping Companies have to be located in Singapore and will have to face the any future problems with a positive mindset. We believe that they are one of the leading shipping companies in Singapore.

There are a variety of shipping companies in the world. Shipping companies based in Singapore are one of the most reputable in the world of shipping. These are the top 10 transport firms are located in Singapore In this post, we’ll try take a look at the top shipping companies located in Singapore. This article will provide you with to learn more about the best shipping firms in Singapore. You can look up the companies listed below.

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