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Best 10 Clothing Manufacturers located in Atlanta Georgia

Finding a top clothing manufacturer is vital to your success regardless of whether or not you want to be the next big fashion business owner or just sell your everyday clothes online. Big companies with massive budgets, celebrity sponsorships , and years of experience are the dominant force in the clothing industry, which is competitive in this day and age of grassland known as Clothes Manufacturing. We will focus on the top 10 apparel manufacturers situated at Atlanta Georgia.

Many fashion designers who have ambition have achieved success online because of the growth of shopping online and fashion labels that are boutique, and there’s absolutely no reason why everybody shouldn’t have the same result.

If you’ve ever thought about this, your business idea is probably complete. You’re a pro in vision, and you have an idea for clothes or designs for clothing products to offer. However, you’re not sure where to start or who you can trust to have your clothes designed. Many businesses fail because of this obstacle. We’d want to be sure that finding a clothing manufacturer does not have to be difficult or apprehensive. This article will tell you about some amazing manufacturing firms within Atlanta Georgia.

Atlanta Merchandise Group:

Atlanta Merchandise Group is a fully-service company that offers personalized clothing that takes care of everything from the design of the item to the creation of screen-printed and embroidered items and even shipping in the event of need. They make a variety of apparel and other items.

They’re committed to giving their clients all the tools they need to realise the full potential of their businesses. You can rest assured of an superior and top-quality results due to their 20 years of experience in the field. In addition, you have one of their unique designs that will give your business an appealing appearance.

They’ve collaborated with some of the most trusted digitizing firms to offer the highest quality embroidery files that you can get. To emphasize the uniqueness of your product, choose specific threads. To stand out with your brand’s name, they have distinctive sewn and printed tags as well as the top 10 manufacturers of clothing situated at Atlanta Georgia.

They carry a variety of products that are sold by brands of clothing that allow customers to pick the style they like. their catalog of clothing highlights the most popular products their customers prefer and are the perfect clothing manufacturers at Georgia.

  • Contact: +1 470-755-7044
  • Address: The Met, 680 Murphy Ave SW, Atlanta, GA 30310, United States
  • ServiceDescription: Screen Printing. Wholesale Clothing embroidery, custom finishing.


Scrappy Garment Company

Scrappy Garment Company is a high-end clothing company as well as managing brands managementcompany that specializes in the highest quality textiles and other decorative techniques. The company first came into the marketplace in the year 2006. It was an online store offering graphic T-shirts. The business has grown from its humble origins of a storage facility to global recognition. The Scrappy crew is extremely fortunate being part of an industry that supports the individuality of artists and those who are free to express themselves.

Scrappy Garment’s method of creating brand recognition is designed for sophisticated businesses and those who prefer a tried-and-true method of operation, overseen by a team of specialists in custom clothing and the best Clothes Manufacturing Companies in Atlanta Georgia.

Scrappy has all the tools required to help you build your business and reach new heights, no matter what stage you are in on your quest to create your brand. They’re determined each day to help customers both large and small, and create products that add value to their customers.

It’s the world, an enormous area that is full of talented people. They can offer the option of making locally or off-shore for your bespoke garments, based on your specifications. You can rest assured that your customized garment is in good in the hands of Scrappy. Scrappy is dedicated to your success and will guide each step of the way to make sure that your project will be finished in the first attempt. Scrappy Garment Company is one of the leading clothing companies in Atlanta Georgia.

  • Contact: +1 833-727-2779
  • address 8102 Lemont Rd, Woodridge, IL 60517, United States
  • SolutionsCut and sew Hats Commercial ready Screen printing over sublimation printing custom embroidered.


Lydia Design Studio

Lydia Design Studio is an clothing manufacturing company that aims to be an industry top-of-the-line within Atlanta, Georgia clothing manufacturers every day. They’re eager to join the fight to revive this business by offering high-quality and locally-sourced services in an era where production of clothing is a fading traditional practice across the entire region of the United States.

With lesser oversight, control in the process of making your clothes outsourcing manufacturing could cause anxiety. Lydia Design Studio oversees the entire process of production for clothes, making sure you’re kept up to date throughout the entire process.

Lydia Design Studio creates apparel that reflects the image of your company using modern techniques and materials. They use a broad range of styles, and are determined to meet the requirements of their global clients. Lydia Design Studio is here to help you, whether you’re just beginning your journey or are an established entrepreneur. Lydia Design Studio is the most known Clothes manufacturers in Atlanta and that’s why we can be certain that they will provide top quality service.

  • Contact: +1 470-514-5696
  • Address: 3660 Oakcliff Rd, Doraville, GA 30340, United States
  • Services:Conceptualization, Pattern Making, Cutting and Sew Production, Sampling.


Alanic Wholesale

Alanic Wholesale has grown over time and has become one of the most trusted and reliable manufacturer of clothing and accessories as well as sellers, committed to providing only the highest quality to their customers.

Their new clothing line provides the largest selection of products that are guaranteed to attract clients in bulk as well as help increase the sales of their products and boost profits. It’s due to their extensive product and service offerings that they’ve been able of catering to large global customers and remaining in different countries , as well as the leading Clothing Manufacturers Companies within Atlanta Georgia.

They are pleased to provide the biggest selection of items in Atlanta because they’re among the most trusted wholesalers. They are an expert in trendy accessories and footwear like hats, bags socks, handbags, bottle bottles, in addition to traditional clothing. They’ve earned the distinction as one of Atlanta’s biggest known wholesale garment manufacturers thanks to their collective efforts.

Alanic Wholesale is one of the largest. Alanic Wholesale is among the besttop suppliers of clothing situated at Atlanta Georgia.

  • Contact: +1 855 525 2642
  • URL: Penthouse, 8730 Wilshire Boulevard, Beverly Hills California 90210 USA
  • Services:Clothing, Sportswear and Sports Equipment.


Project Stitch

Project Stitch is a procurement expert along with creative and technical designers as well as sample makers. They are part of Project Stitch Project Stitch, professional group that are driven by the desire to improve fashion design. They provide professional advice and planning, as well as transparent procurement of materials, stunning designing and developing, and superior production management solutions for the textile industry and top apparel manufacturers located in Atlanta Georgia.

Your business’s vision of apparel is possible through their quick and efficient process of operation. From the beginning of the design through the final product Project Stitch will meet your requirements at every stage of the process of manufacturing clothing.

From the first idea until the final client, Project Stitch delivers innovative and innovative solutions to apparel and accessory businesses around the world. They offer customized solutions to both large and small businesses which are looking to broaden their presence in the world of clothing. Through every stage of the production process for cloth, Project Stitch’s solutions can be customized to meet the needs of the customer.

Project Stitch is among the most reliable manufacturing companies situated within Atlanta.

  • Contact: +1 770-575-0381
  • Address:680 Thornton Way, Lithia Springs, GA 30122, United States
  • Service: Product Development, Pattern-Making Grading, Digitizing Prototypes and Samples Tech Packs.


Atlanta Hosiery Company

Atlanta The idea behind the Two Feet Ahead brand was rather simple. The clothing they create are supposed to be stylish. They shouldn’t be boring and, more important, they’re simple to wear. For a long time, more than four generations, Sol Marks vowed to adhere to his principles and the results are now available to all to enjoyToday, Two Feet Ahead has been able to grow to become one the most renowned clothing manufacturers not only in Atlanta but also across the globe. Two Feet Ahead produces many items, like socks, everyday clothing made for infants, and clothing that are suitable for special occasions as well as the finest Clothes Manufacturers Companies in Atlanta Georgia.

The company has a range of different styles that are available to women, men and children, in a variety of size and color.

Atlanta Hosiery Company is one of the oldest and most reliable, and is among the most reputable companies on thelist of Clothes manufacturers located in Atlanta Georgia.

  • Contact: +404-691-3990
  • Address: Atlanta Hosiery Company, P.O. 42101 Box Atlanta GA 30336
  • Services: Women, Men, Kids, College Apparel.


American Superior Apparel

American Superior Apparel specializes in various printing techniques to meet the requirements of a variety of clients. Make use of their expert printing services that can be extremely useful in meeting specific requirements particularly if you want to design beautiful outfits that reflect your personal fashion.

They’ll provide you with top-quality solutions utilizing modern technology and the expertise of their industry. Printing services offered by them are designed to assist you in establishing a solid brand name and staying ahead of the competition and the leading Clothes Manufacturers Companies in Atlanta Georgia.

The latest “ready to wear” styles aren’t suitable for all body type , so creating an outfit that’s practical isn’t easy when you don’t know the right measurements for your outfit. This is that American Superior Apparel’s tailoring services is a great option, as their professionals can assist you in creating an outfit made of premium clothing which you’ll be able wear, and that can stand the test of time.

American Superior Apparel is Providing Professionals Clothing and allowing customers to a broad selection of merchandise. It is one of the most renowned clothing producers at Atlanta.

  • Contact: +2679736614
  • Address: 1790 Cheshire Bridge Rd. Ne. Suite 114 Atlanta, Georgia 330324
  • ServiceDescription:Direct Direct Garment Printing, Monogramming & Embroidery, the beginning of clothing lines Custom Tailoring.


Destination XL

It is Destination XL Men’s Apparel claims to carry clothing that cannot be found anywhere else. They make clothing for males who are unable to shop in regular stores because it’s difficult to find clothes suitable for their body type and proportions. A majority of stores offer clothing that is not suitable to their body type or body size.

In most stores that sell cloth, the size of clothing is extra-large. Extra-large is the biggest size of clothing available at Destination XL this means that there are clothes to fit comfortably, without sacrificing quality or comfort. The clothing manufacturing department of the store can be a one-stop store for people who have different body types. The business can assist people put their best self in front of others, and provides individuals with confidence that they need. It is one of the most distinct wholesalers of clothing who is located at Georgia.

  • Contact: +00 1 781-828-9300
  • URL:Canton, Massachusetts, United States
  • Services: Casual Shirts, Sweaters, Hoodies & Sweatshirts, Outerwear, Suitings.


Therapy With Lisa Adams Lisa Adams

Therapy with Lisa admasThe establishment of Therapy with LA was the realization for Lisa Adams her goal that her self-imposed goals for the entirety of her life. Lisa began her career as an early corporate sales representative.

Her personal experience with the groundbreaking and fascinating idea Therapy with LA, is an iconic business that has earned recognition locally. She is a well-known expert in the fashion world and has a particularization in the latest trends in sophistication and style. Her work is the basis for her dedication and determination to. Her natural ability to establish and maintain the most efficient and productive relationships within the company is evident in. It is one of the most prestigious Clothing Manufacturers in Atlanta Georgia.

  • Contact: +1 404-688-6933
  • Address: 250 Spring St NW 11 – S119, Atlanta, GA 30303, United States
  • Service:Women Clothes, Fashion Wear, Women’s Foot Wear.


Sun’s Transfer Company

Sun’s Transfer Company is based in Atlanta in Georgia. It is part of the cuts and the sewing industry. The Sun’s Transfer Company employs seven employees employed by the business and is responsible for around 135,923 USD of sales (both sales and employee figures are calculated).

Sun’s Transfer Company has various options for services like cutting and sewing clothing production and general trucking of freight. They also wholesalers who offer clothing pieces garments, accessories and other notions-related items available for purchase. They make women’s blouses and clothing and undergarments for women and children.

Sun’s Transfer Company is another well-known Clothing Manufacturing Companies in Atlanta ga.

  • Contact: +1 404-880-9108
  • Address: 250 Spring St NW 7 – S349, Atlanta, GA 30303, United States
  • SolutionsWomen’s as well as blouses, clothing, kids’ and women’s underwear cut as well as Sew Apparel Manufacturing.


It’s the Top Clothes Manufacturers from Atlanta Georgia:

1Atlanta Merchandise Group2017
2Scrappy Garment Company2006
3Lydia Design Studio2017:
4Alanic Wholesale2005
5Project Stitch2020
6Atlanta Hosiery Company1935
7American Superior Apparel2003
8Destination XL1976
9Therapy With Lisa Adams Lisa Adams2010
10Sun’s Transfer Company1886

Wholesalers of clothing based at Georgia• Atlanta Clothing manufactures within AtlantaGeorgia Manufacturing of clothing brands at Atlanta ga

FAQ’s about The Ten Top Clothing Manufacturers in Atlanta Georgia:

Where can I find manufacturers of clothing for Startups?

  1. Networking. Attend events and connect with entrepreneurs from other brands.
  2. Forums.
  3. Google.
  4. Trade Shows and Online Databases.
  5. Sourcing at Magic Sourcing At Magic Apparel Manufacturing Trade Show.
  6. Common Goal.
  7. Maker’s Row.
  8. Sqetch.

How many manufacturing companies exist in Georgia?

Due to logistics and supply issues The majority of manufacturing firms have been able to maintain a steady operations. They are increasing their facilities as well as the number of workers they have.

What exactly does a clothes maker do?

They work closely with designers, regardless of their name or an independent artist. They work to turn their ideas into real. They cut and combine the various pieces required to make the garments.

How much money is required to start a clothes business?

The costs of starting a business could differ widely among clothing brands, but generally the average for a clothing line must have at minimum $500 for its start-up. A medium-sized company is expected to have between $2,000 and $5,000 in initial costs, whereas an enterprise of a larger scale will require between $25,000-$50,000 in the beginning.

How do I create my own clothes?

  1. Step 1: Create Your Concepts for Your Clothing Line.
  2. Step 2: Create Patterns & Develop Tech Packs.
  3. Step 3. Research Clothing Manufacturers.
  4. Step 4: Determine Your Budget.
  5. 5. Select Clothing Manufacturers.
  6. Step 6. Contact Clothing Manufacturers.
  7. 7. Screen Potential Factories.
  8. Step 8: Get Samples Made.

What is a garment that is made by a factory is it called?

“The term “clothing maker” is broad word. The definition of “clothing maker” could include seamstresses, pattern makers and tailors, as well as sewers, tailors and tailors in home factories for clothing, and other. … It is possible to think of a fashion maker (clothes maker or fashion maker) as someone who makes clothing or accessories to be used in fashion.

Is there a name associated with a garment manufacturer?

Three distinct industries are covered: textile mills textile mills and the production of apparel. Textile mills are the main raw materials used to make garments as well as other textile products. They make use of natural and synthetic substanceslike cotton and polyester. They convert them into fiber, yarn, and thread.

Are clothing companies profitable?

The margins of profit in retail clothing typically fall in an interval between 4 and 13 percent, as per industry experts. When all costs are considered together and the revenue a clothing retailer actually earns is much smaller and to stay in business, the clothing retailer has to produce a huge quantity of merchandise.

What are the motives behind why businesses are attracted to Georgia?

Its ability to succeed in Georgia in attracting businesses is due to its stability financial, regulatory and regulatory environment. A workforce with talent and a tax structure that is favorable and an easy access to markets makes Georgia an ideal location that allows every business to grow.


Here are the top companies to manufacture clothes within Atlanta Georgia and the inspiration behind her determination and dedication to be a hard worker. We have the ability to choose some of the most famous manufacturing firms in the clothing industry in this article.

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