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Star Swim School – Learn to Swim in a Boutique Facility

Star Swim School provides children with year-round learning in heated swimming pools, providing them with an opportunity to quickly progress through levels.

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Learn to Swim

Star Swim School provides enjoyable, safe, and friendly Learn to Swim lessons in its luxurious boutique facility. Designed to create an environment conducive to relaxing lessons, our pool attracts top teachers while forging strong bonds amongst students, parents, teachers, and their respective staff members.

Heating ensures year-round use, protecting your child from getting sick when learning how to swim and helping them adjust more quickly to water temperature for faster development of swimming skills.

Starfish Swim School students progress rapidly. Star Swim Schools boasts a structured and organized program with proven results; 49 week classes ensure consistent training and rapid advancement through levels, making Star Swim Schools one of Australia’s premier learn-to-swim schools.

Baby Swimming Lessons

Although many believe children don’t learn how to swim until they reach puberty, water safety and skills are crucially important for young children. Drowning is the leading cause of accidental deaths among children under 4 in Australia1.

Swimming provides numerous health advantages for babies and toddlers alike. Benefits can include healthier lungs and heart function, better coordination and balance development – not to mention that starting early swimming lessons Cranbourne will set them up for an active, healthy lifelong journey!

Baby swimming lessons provide parents with an ideal way to connect with and support their infant in an ideal learning environment. Swim schools typically provide heated pools so your baby is at ease in the water, and instructors will always be nearby to ensure they remain safe. While babies must always be accompanied by an adult during lessons, a good swim school will teach your child to sit still and wait until you arrive before entering unsupervised into the water; you should continue this practice at home so as to reinforce these messages that swimming is safe activity.

Kids Swimming Lessons

At our swimming lessons for kids aged four months and up, our certified swim instructors create a safe and fun learning experience under expert supervision. Our heated indoor pools make learning to swim easy all year round as our temperature-controlled environment helps children become familiar with water without fear of getting cold or sick due to the weather.

School holiday programs provide those in need with extra assistance in their learning progression. These can either supplement existing weekly learn to swim sessions, or serve to quickly advance them up the levels after moving up from existing levels.

Swimming daily through the holidays gives children less opportunity to forget skills they already have learned and allows them to advance more quickly than with weekly lessons alone. Furthermore, this method will make retaining those newly acquired abilities much simpler when returning back into regular lessons.

Adult Swimming Lessons

Learning to swim opens up a host of water-related adventures ranging from backyard pool parties and beach vacations, all the way through saving someone else’s life in case it ever comes into question.

Adult swimming classes Cranbourne are suitable for swimmers of all levels of experience – from those trying to conquer their fear of water and those looking to refine their strokes for triathlon training, through those looking for greater endurance. Our instructors strive to provide a comfortable, supportive and rewarding experience for each adult student enrolled in lessons.

Private and semi-private 45 minute lessons are available for swimmers of all ages, led by experienced adult swim instructors. Weekly classes are scheduled based on swimmer and instructor availability; make-up lessons may also be scheduled each semester due to illness or unexpected pool closures. Registration must take place prior to starting each class session either online through UH Recreation Portal or at CRWC Welcome Desk – Member Services.

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