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Residential vs. Commercial Construction Projects – Reddy Kancharla Discusses the Essentials

Building construction is a huge global industry that has been undergoing many changes lately. The last couple of years were not so wonderful for any industry other than healthcare due to the global pandemic. However, in 2022, in the post-pandemic period, the construction industry is quickly gaining back momentum and flourishing faster than ever before. In the realm of the construction industry boom, it is essential for all parties involved in a construction project to have a good understanding of this sector. This article will discuss a few essential things everyone should know about residential vs. commercial construction projects.

Reddy Kancharla explains residential vs. commercial construction

Construction projects can be broadly classified into two categories residential and commercial. Reddy Kancharla explains residential projects as the construction works, including home construction, along with,

  • Accessory dwelling units
  • Decks
  • Garages
  • House remodels
  • House additions
  • Retaining walls
  • Outdoor construction projects
  • Housing demolition etc.

On the other hand, commercial projects are more compound ranging from small businesses to megaprojects, including smart cities. Not listing out the projects as they can be numerous.

Residential vs. commercial

As we have seen above, residential construction projects are much smaller in terms of volume, material, and labor compared to commercial projects, and also, they are not subjected to a lot of code compliance requirements. Most residential builders may use wooden frames for the construction of residential structures than steel and concrete. On the other hand, commercial projects consist more of steel and concrete itself. The interior of residential vs. commercial properties also may differ. In most cases, commercial projects focus more on the functionality based on the purpose and durability, whereas residential projects focus more on aesthetics, taste, comfort, and personal choices of the homeowners.

Considering the functional aspects, commercial projects tend to be more extensive with many engineering needs such as escalators, elevators, more parking, electricity backup, network connectivity, emergency exits, more safety, large-scale air conditioning, ventilation, etc. This will increase the complexity of commercial construction projects, which demands greater expertise and knowledge to accomplish. Large-scale commercial construction projects need more skilled resources and specialized equipment. Residential projects are less complicated compared to the former, for which you can find many homes building contractors and skilled workers who can accomplish the tasks on your behalf.

As we can also assume, the budget for commercial construction projects tends to be really huge compared to normal residential projects. From the perspective of contractors, residential projects are only less demanding technically and resource needs, whereas it can be more delicate and personal to deal with an individual homeowner rather than a professional corporation for commercial projects.

Whichever construction project you have in hand, Reddy Kancharla reiterates the need for thorough planning to keep the project on track and abide by the budgetary and quality estimates set. If you are the project owner, it is essential to do thorough research in order to identify quality construction service providers and skilled workers to accomplish your task well.

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