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Embrace Unconditional Love and Acceptance with Teal Swan

There are many people in life who are unhappy with themselves and others. They find flaws in themselves and engage in negative self-talk most of the time. When a person fails to practice self-love, there will be problems at home, workplace, in relationships, and in life. The result will be a feeling of isolation, separation, anxiety, and other negative thoughts and patterns not conducive to the mental and physical well-being of the individual.

Teal Swan – Self-love and acceptance are essential for a happy life

Teal Swan is a widely loved and respected spiritual guide and teacher in the USA. She is a best-selling author and a motivational public speaker inspiring men and women across the world. She has her own YouTube channel where she regularly reaches out to her followers. It has more than 20 million views and over a quarter-million subscribers.

Emotional healing and self-love are needed for a happy life

When it comes to the practice of self-love, many people tend to forget about it. This leads to endless pain and suffering. It is important for you to be aware of your needs and wants first over others. There are most people place the needs of others first, often sacrificing their own happiness. This gives rise to misery, and in some extreme cases, people lose the will and the inclination to live, especially if the other person abuses or emotionally wounds them in the process.

The art of being connected to yourself first

In her book, The Completion Process, she speaks about the importance of being connected to yourself and the world. Even if you have lost the sense of connectedness with yourself and the world, you still can regain it with this 18-step process that she describes in her book.

Become the authentic version of yourself

With the practice of self-love and unconditional acceptance of yourself, you can bounce back to the meaningful life of purpose that you are missing. With time, you are able to heal from within and create a safe haven in your mind where you can re-visit past and painful incidents safely.

Be a true friend to yourself

You should practice self-love like a true friend. You are your only loyal friend, and so you should be aware of the emotions you feel. Your mind and body will give you signs that you need to pay attention to. Listening to them helps you to keep the pain away. Some incidents in the present might bring you unhappiness, but when you learn to distance yourself away from them, you effectively are opening the doors to freedom and happiness.

In her preaching, books, and motivational workshops, Teal Swan helps you get past present and old wounds that have scarred you emotionally. Her goal is to help you through the wonderful healing and transformation process to freedom and joy. When you become the authentic version of yourself, you become connected to your inner self and the world. You no longer struggle with acceptance, and this, in the process, leads to unconditional love with bliss in life!

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