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How to Become a Locksmith

Are You Starting or Learning about Locksmith Companies Online? Resources on this specialized field of work are readily available online. Articles such as these will provide assistance as you explore this vocation further.

Expand your knowledge with these articles and blogs from experienced locksmiths. They share their experience, insights, and best practices in this industry.

Education and Training

Not only do locksmiths gain experience on-the-job, they may also complete formal training programs offered by vocational schools or locksmithing associations such as the Associated Locksmith DC Servleader of America. Such courses teach students about different kinds of locks, tools and techniques used within this profession.

Apprenticeships provide additional training for locksmiths, providing entry-level employees the chance to learn from experienced locksmiths while making money at it – an ideal way to acquire hands-on experience that is essential in this profession.

After successfully completing a formal program or apprenticeship, locksmiths must pass certification exams in order to become licensed locksmiths in New York State. A background check and two Certificates of Recommendation from licensed New York locksmiths must also be obtained before filing this paperwork with the state for registration as a locksmith. Continuing education classes help locksmiths remain up-to-date with technological advances within their field while improving job performance and increasing earnings.


Many states mandate certification of locksmiths. Doing so demonstrates to potential employers and customers that your skills meet high standards of professionalism.

To become certified locksmiths, the Associated Locksmiths of America offers multiple examination options. Most popular is becoming a Registered Locksmith (RL), which requires passing classes and an exam. Institutional settings may want to consider taking part in the Certified Institutional Locksmith (CIL) exam that covers manufacturer-specific topics as well as occupational issues unique to an institutional setting such as hospitals or universities.

To obtain a license in New York City, applicants must provide two letters of reference from other locksmiths, complete a fingerprinting form and undergo a criminal background check. Furthermore, proof of liability insurance and photo identification must also be presented along with any applicable fees that must be paid – this process typically takes four months!

Work Environment

Locksmiths work in various environments, such as car dealerships or construction firms. Within retail settings, locksmiths advise customers about security concerns before selling products such as padlocks or safes. In addition, locksmiths may duplicate keys by hand or use key cutting machines.

At a construction firm, a locksmith may install or rekey locks in new buildings and renovate existing ones; some locksmiths also specialize in designing locks specifically tailored to specific buildings or vehicles.

All these environments demand that locksmiths possess a variety of skills, such as mechanical aptitude, good eyesight and manual dexterity. Additionally, they must understand how to keep their tools and work area safe, clean and secure; have an excellent team mentality with peers, supervisors and customers; stay current on new technologies and techniques in their trade; consider joining professional organizations that provide group insurance as well as continuing education opportunities;

Job Duties

Locksmiths provide more than just installation, repairs and replacement of locks; they also offer advice regarding security measures and are frequently called out when people become locked out of their homes or cars.

Install, repair and maintain various building locks including cylindrical, unit mortise and rim locks; cut new or replacement keys as requested on Key Request forms for authorized personnel; pick locks where keys have been lost and maintain Master Key Systems to keep campus security in order; provide emergency repair work when required in an emergency situation; make emergency repairs of locks under such circumstances as they arise.

Locksmiths provide maintenance in student rooms, common and public areas of university dorms; program electronic locks; repair locks on desks, file cabinets and display cases; rekey doors to avoid duplicating existing keys; install panic exit devices or crash bars to enable quick evacuation in an emergency; keep an inventory of supplies including lock parts, levers and springs as well as cylinders and prepare requisitions as required for replacement items; as well as provide other emergency response needs such as installing panic exit devices or crash bars on doors if needed.

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