Black Witch Spanish Name Bruja Negra


Habitats and ranges both

dry and humid forest habitats are appropriate for the black witch.The moth can be found up to the north of southern Florida in addition to as much to the south of Brazil and Peru at sea level, and as high as 3,048m in elevation. At night , it can be observed hovering in the vicinity of lights in the coastal cities and within high in the Andes Mountains.

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Physical Description

This large moth has patterns in a variety of shades of brown. birds facts It is characterized by a comma with a darker shape across each front wing. Females also have a pink-purple mark across the wing.

Biology and Natural History

The moniker comes of Mexican legends, “Mariposa de la Muerte,” which translates to “butterfly of death,” the black witch moth ought to possibly be a bit more terrifying. Since it is most active during the day and at dusk, during these dim moments, the huge moth’s patterns of flight resemble those of bats. If disturbed in the time of day, the moth may leave its hideout similar to the behavior of bats. It is important to remember that neither bats nor moths are dangers.

The moth is attracted each evening to fruits and bananas which grow in the canopy of the forest. In daylight, black witches search for darker areas of the forest, such as hollows of trees as well as rock cracks.

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A skilled distance flier this black

moth is able to fly across the globe throughout the year, with irregular movement patterns. The moth is a breeding species in Mexico and further south, however from August to October , it could be seen throughout California, New York, Minnesota, Kansas, and even southern Canada.  Are Birds Mammals? 


When it matures, the moth is able to drink the juices of fruit that is rotting. As a caterpillar takes in leafy leaves from host plant species, mostly belonging to beans (Fabaceae).


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