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7 beautiful ways to decor above bed

Many people still mistakenly think that decorating the head of the bed just needs to choose a bed with a soft mattress to have a good night’s sleep. Simplifying everything will help you rest most comfortably? It is this misconception that makes you ignore the great space accents for the bedroom. The above bed is the ideal place where you can make it accent your style. Here are our suggestions on how to decorate the above bed to help you change the space of the room.

1. Oversized headboard

You can create the above bed from different materials such as wood, fabric, etc. with different sizes to create a highlight for this area. The above-beds with contrasting colors will bring a very good visual effect to the viewer.

Oversized headboard panels will bring high attention and attraction. Anyone entering your room will feel extremely impressed. 

2. Pictures

As for the above-bed position, no piece of furniture will be as popular as the picture. This is the simplest way to help you bring color to life in your room. Pictures clearly reflect the personality and lifestyle of the owner, and the placement of picture frames helps to fill the empty space at the head of the bed.

Instead of rigidly designing a picture frame, as usual, to create a decorative accent in the bedroom you can change the number of paintings to a reasonable size. The small paintings are arranged to create a unique and new way for the bedroom interior space.

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3. Create a new feeling with decorations

There are thousands of items for you to choose from to decorate the bedside area. Choosing items that show your personality and interests is not a bad idea, such as an airplane model or a skateboard, etc. It will create a beautiful above-bed for the homeowner and save money when decoring your house. Next to a soft bed is a pleasant and comfortable space.

This layout of the above bed is used by many homeowners. Using decorative items will make the above-bed are not empty, but add aesthetic appeal, and at the same time show each person’s taste and preferences.

4. Wallpaper

For homeowners who do not like the sophistication of the bedroom, you can fill the above-bed space more simply with textured wallpaper. Although this design is not too unique, it still creates a prominent highlight for the room.

A wallpaper pattern should be selected with the same color tone as the bedroom and in harmony with the accent color of the interior space in general. You can also use paper or wall stickers to decorate your above-bed.

Paper and wall stickers are materials that are too familiar in home design and decoration. However, its attraction has not cooled down and is widely used in almost every space, and style, and the bedside area is no exception.

If you want your above bed to look more beautiful and impressive, choose paper and foam with outstanding colors and patterns. In addition, you should not paste the whole room, but just press the head of the bed to create a fancy and attractive feeling. You can easily buy wallpaper at many shops online with a lot of coupons for wallpaper to save money.

5. Painting

The creativity in bedroom decoration has no end if you dare to show your way to your room. Painting on the head of the bed will be a way to decorate the bedroom to create a unique distinction. The content and texture of the painting are not binding. But you can arbitrarily create it to suit your personality and interests.

However, it is advisable to limit the appearance of too many details or colorful colors, which can make people look confused, and lose harmony with the room tone. You can refer to famous paintings to draw along to increase the aesthetics of the room.

6. Open shelves

If you don’t just want the above-bed area just for decoration purposes, you can choose shelves and cabinets to install in this position. Immediately you will have a place to store books, and magazines so you can read before going to bed. This is great, isn’t it? If your bedroom needs an open shelf, don’t hesitate to buy it right away.

Design shelves to bring more convenience to the bedside area. The bedside wall will be the place where you store books, and magazines or feature eye-catching accessories. You will not only have a comfortable bed but also relaxing space.

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This design will also make the space feel larger and more open. This is one of the ways modern design trends are heading.

7. Light

Light is always the element that brings romance to the space, and with a space like a bedroom, it is even more indispensable. You can choose from personalized wall lights or string lights to decorate the corner of the bed.

You can also use small light bulbs that hang together in a league on your nightstand. They will make your bedroom more sparkling and beautiful. Note that you should not choose too bright light bulbs because it will affect your sleep.

You can follow or to find more great ideas in home decoration and lifestyle.

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