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Azure Administrator Certification: A Guide

Along with AWS and Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure is a major player in the cloud computing market. Businesses of all sizes turn to Azure as their go-to public cloud solution. For private connectivity and storage solutions, Azure is the preferred choice because of its wide network of data centers and excellent security. 

80% of Fortune 500 companies utilize Microsoft Azure as their preferred cloud platform. As a result, it’s easy to see why the need for Azure-specific positions is steadily rising. The Azure administrator post is one of the most sought-after positions in Microsoft’s cloud computing ecosystem. Thanks to Azure’s ever-expanding cloud security service portfolio, companies may accelerate their digital transformation journey. 

Because of this, obtaining Azure expertise and the corresponding Azure Administrator Certification can help IT workers advance their careers in exciting and rewarding new directions. The article will walk you through the critical steps required to become an Azure Administrator. Therefore, let us begin!

Getting Started with Azure Administration Certifications

Start with the basics if you want to become an azure administrator. A formal certification could be an option for those who have worked in an Azure-specific function for a while. But you could find yourself in a variety of other situations. Let’s look at each of the possible starting points on your journey toward becoming an Azure administrator.

In the beginning, you may not have a clear sense of what you’ll be doing in the cloud. People familiar with other public cloud services but have no prior experience with Azure may fall into this second category. It’s also likely that on-premise system administrators are trying to transition into a cloud job. 

In these situations, an exam with the code AZ-900 for Microsoft Azure Fundamentals Certification is suggested. Preparation for the AZ-900 test can help you grasp the fundamentals of Azure and follow the administrator role’s learning path.

Basic Requirements

  • Students must have a fundamental understanding of how clouds work.
  • To practice with others, students must have an Azure account.
  • Basic familiarity with the Azure platform
  • Students familiarize with the basics of information technology, virtual machines, networking, and other facets of information technology infrastructure.

Azure Administrator Certification candidates should have experience implementing, maintaining, and monitoring a Microsoft Azure installation.

You’ll be in charge of setting up and maintaining cloud-based identity management and governance system and provisioning and sizing resources as needed. You’ll also be in charge of monitoring and adjusting these systems.

An Azure Administrator is frequently part of a bigger group tasked with setting up a company’s cloud computing infrastructure.

Six months of experience administering Azure and a solid understanding of the core services and workloads in the cloud are required for this certification. PowerShell, Azure CLI, Azure portal, and Azure Resource Manager templates should all be familiar to someone in this position.

Certification Required For An Azure Administration Position

Certification is a must for a successful career as an administrator on the Azure platform. Showing potential employers and clients that you are an Azure administrator requires an official certification. You’ll be able to show your dedication to Azure system administration with this certification. With the official Azure Administration Certification, you’ll be recognized at the highest level in the industry, and your compensation is expected to rise as a result.

As a result, if you want to begin a career in Azure administration, you should sit for the Microsoft Certified Azure Administrator Associate exam AZ-103.

Conclusion: Final Thoughts!

Finally, there are plenty of work options for Azure system administrators. As an Azure administrator, candidates join an ever-expanding cloud platform likewise soaring to new heights. Candidates pursuing a career in Azure system administration have a wide range of options. Cloud computing ideas, programming, and familiarity with Microsoft online courses are essential at the beginning of the process. The administration of computing, storage, networking, and security resources should be a primary focus for job candidates.

In addition, you should learn about the value of Azure certifications in establishing a strong basis for your career in Azure. Enroll in an online course and practice tests to help you prepare for the AZ-103 certification exam. Our AZ-104 online course is also available for students studying for the exam. Prepare for your Azure administrator certification as soon as possible and put yourself on the fast track to a bright future!

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