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Women’s Banarasi Saree

Upgrade Your Workwear Wardrobe With a Printed Silk Saree

Women’s Banarasi sarees are one of the most luxurious and coveted Indian attires, known for their intricate patterns that add beauty and grace. Popular among bridesmaids for wedding ceremonies as well as other functions and special events.

These sarees can be divided into different categories such as Kanjivaram, Tissue, Butidar, Cutwork, Tanchoi and Jangal. Each one of these styles are woven using gold or silver zari threads for an elegant appearance.


Banarasi saree are the epitome of elegance and luxury. Each style and material used in its construction varies depending on its style and drape, with banarasi silk being one of the most luxurious fabrics coveted by women for its aesthetic value.

Starting around 14th century in Varanasi – commonly referred to as Banaras by Mughals – the art of weaving brocade silk with zari threads began its journey across this ancient handloom. Weavers eventually perfected this technique over time.

Traditional weavers in Benaras used Naksha drawlooms for weaving their creations; however, with the introduction of jacquard looms they have transformed into expert artisans. Jacquard looms enable weavers to incorporate intricate floral designs easily.

Kattan silk sarees are considered among the finest fabrics to weave Banarasi sarees; made of Muga silk yarn extracted from delicate Muga silkworms, Kattan silk offers durability while imparting a natural yellowish-golden hue to each saree.


These Banaras sarees feature intricate zari work inspired by Islamic Mughal culture as well as Hindu traditions, as well as being hand woven using fine silk threads and zari threads woven with precision. When purchasing one it is important to examine all motifs and designs woven into it as counterfeit versions might lack this intricate detail.

Designing a Banarasi saree begins by sketching designs or motifs on graph paper with colour concepts in mind, then turning those sketches into punch cards for use on a jacquard loom loom. After being paddled by hand onto the main weave threads, these punch cards ensure the desired colours and patterns come through as intended.

Pure Banarasi Georgette Sarees are popular choices among women who love wearing sarees due to their delicate fabric and vibrant colour combinations, making them suitable for all events and occasions. Renowned for their quality finish and rich finish, these silken pieces have gained immense popularity among wearers of this attire.


Banarasi sarees are famous for being decorated with intricate motifs depicting god/goddesses or Hindu culture; these can range from god/goddess imagery to Hindu traditions, with sizes and shapes that range from god/goddess figures to intricate designs woven using gold or silver threads, giving each piece its own regal appearance.

The kairi or paisley motif is one of the most ubiquitous designs found on Banarasi silk sarees, representing their home city of Banaras with various hues woven into each thread. Additionally, this motif can also be found decorating potli bags, curtains, upholstery and brocade jewellery pieces.

Weavers have now begun experimenting with contemporary motifs to make sarees more wearable. Designers such as Shruti Sancheti have featured collections like Kaashi to Kyoto which features Japanese contemporary motifs incorporated in Banarasi fabric for greater variety and wearability. It is an effective way of diversifying traditional saree designs and appealing more closely to today’s women.


Banarasi sarees have long been favored attire among women of all age groups. Not only are these sophisticated garments versatile enough for any special event or special occasion, they add an unrivalled elegance. Crafted with intricate yet subtle embroidery in red hue, these Banarasi sarees come in various lengths for optimal wearability and make a powerful statement when draped correctly – just don’t make too many pleats when donning! To avoid looking bulky it is wise not to make too many pleats when donning this banarasi saree.

Banarasi saree fabrics can be divided into various groups, including organza with zari and silk. Katan style Banarasis have an extensive history that dates back to Goddess Markanda weaving them, while Kanjivaram silk sarees feature traditional patterns and motifs.

Georgette Banarasi sarees are an innovative take on classic fabric sarees, blending contemporary aesthetics with its characteristic drape. Lightweight and easy to store than other fabrics, Georgette Banarasis make the ideal statement piece.

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