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Top Tier Providence – Secretly Cultivate For a Thousand Years – Han Jue

Top Tier Providence

[Webnovel is pleased to provide the latest update of Top Tier Providence: Secretly Cultivate Over a Millennia].

Han Jue was reincarnated into this world of cultivation, where he has been rolling dice every day to try to obtain Godlike Cultivation Potential. Though most of his rolls resulted in Trash, Han never gave up hope!

The Origin of Han Jue

Han Jue is known as the Dark Forbidden Lord; an unknown, shadow-cast cultivator in an immortal world who dedicates his life to attaining godlike cultivation potential through unconventional methods – often at great personal risk and suspicion from his parents.

Han Jue was given a system which enabled him to roll dice every morning upon awakening in order to determine his cultivation potential. Even though most of these rolls gave Trash Cultivation Potentials, Han never gave up hoping that someday his hard work would pay off and give him Godlike Cultivation Potential.

Han Jue has many close relationships, yet when it comes to his own life he always puts himself first. Overly cautious and self-protective by nature, he hides his strength from others until it’s necessary. If necessary he will use his powers to defend those he cares for.

The Story of Han Jue

Han Jue was an obscure cultivator who kept his cultivation activities concealed and led a low-profile life, using techniques of clandestine cultivation which put his life in perilous danger – yet was determined to become the most powerful Immeasurable Merit Divine of all time.

He was an extremely cautious individual who only took action when confident of victory. Yet despite this prudence, he was nonetheless strong with a deep respect for those around him.

Han Jue eventually reached a point where he could master transcendent cultivation, giving him incredible powers in combat. This allowed him to erase beings from existence, increase his stats exponentially, and even become incorporeal – making him a frightening opponent; yet never lost his sense of humor or smiled during life-threatening encounters.

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The Characters of Han Jue

Han Jue is an influential character in Top Tier Providence. He serves as Immortal God of Reroll World and Overlord of Hidden Sect; known as Strongest of Chaos and Heir of Creation Will respectively. Additionally, Han has his own special system by which he rolls dice to renew his cultivation potential every day.

Han has been diligently cultivating for a millennium. During that time he has established two Dao Fields and met many individuals along the way; ultimately his aim is to reach Two Mystic Divine Origin as soon as possible.

Han lives a hidden life, trying to avoid detection from others. However, when gods begin cleansing the mortal world of its iniquities, Han no longer can hide from taking action – and realizes they may not be as powerful as initially imagined. Secretly Cultivate For a Thousand Years Chapter 23 offers great martial arts and fantasy action! You can find it available across various sites including WestManga, Elarc, Tapas and Webtoons.

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