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 Top 5 Advantages of Whirlpool Top Load Washing Machines

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When it comes to purchasing washing machines, the selection must be made in a very prudent manner. Before shortlisting the variant, the customer has to decide between choosing either a top load washing machine or a front load washing machine. Selecting the right brand also gains equal importance.

The majority of the users prefer to buy the top load washing machine as it offers a lot of benefits when compared to the front load washers. The affordability factor of the top load machines is very much in the budget and easy for people to afford.

One should also remember to always invest in the best brands. You can also purchase the whirlpool washing machine on EMI at a very affordable price range 

Here are some of the top 5 advantages of Whirlpool’s top load washing machines. Read to know more!

User-Friendly and Comprehensible: 

Whirlpool washers boast a 123-wash feature that makes washing a cakewalk. All one needs to do is press the 1-2-3 button in the control panel and hereafter the machine’s intelligence takes over to deliver the perfect wash.

Whirlpool WM ROYAL 6.5kg is a top load washing machine that encompasses this feature and comes at the price of 15,200. Get this whirlpool washing machine on EMI to avail of amazing benefits as the EMI for it starts at a cost of as low as 716/-.

12 highly optimized wash programs: 

Wash all sorts of clothes perfectly without any damage to the fabric under the aegis of 12 wash programs featured in a Whirlpool top load washing machine.

ZPF (Zero Fill Technology) corroborates the filling of the washtub 50% faster even when the water pressure is as low as 17mpa, express wash reduces wash cycle time by 30-40% than regular cycle and delay wash lets one set the time of when to finish the laundry as per one’s comfort by enabling 3-24 hours delay in the cycle.

Amazing Additional Features not so Common among Washers: 

A Whirlpool top load washing machine focuses on less wear and less tear and self-regulatory clean up to save users time a little.

A good example of such a washer would be Whirlpool’s bloom wash pro top load washing machine 9.5kg fully automated with an inbuilt heater that costs up to 31,490/-. 

Its auto tub clean mode automatically cleanses the inner walls of the tub without using extra water and by reusing the water used in the wash cycle and the magic lint filter feature of the top load washing machine removes the need for any physical intervention from your end by collecting and cleaning the lint with the help of its centrifugal force during the spin cycle of every wash.

Get this whirlpool washing machine on EMI to avoid usage of your savings as the EMI starts at a mere amount of 1,482/- per month.

Whirlpool Top Load Washing Machine is Cheap and Cheerful: 

With a myriad of features and easy accessibility, these washers also come at a reasonable price making it easier for most of us to buy.

Whirlpool’s top load washing machine comes in various models that boast countless features. You have an option galore to choose from as per your requirement. If one doesn’t want to make a one-time payment, they can easily buy a whirlpool washing machine on EMI starting at very low costs.

  1. Reliable and can be easily repaired in case of any impairment: 

In-general maximum people aren’t mechanically inclined therefore if your machine failure is too often it might hinder your work and cost time and labor.

Whirlpool top load washing machine is very well-founded as it prioritizes user’s convenience and its mechanisms as of now have been tried and tested for so long. Also, the brand offers more technical support and assistance even after years of purchase which hikes the brand’s value among the customers. 

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By subscribing to the Bajaj EMI card, you can also get a pre-approved loan amount of Rs. 4 lakhs for easy and hassle-free EMI payments. Visit the Bajaj Mall and purchase your favorite products with exclusive benefits!

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