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The Top Ten Crane Manufacturing Companies in India

What exactly is Crane?

An crane can be described as a piece of equipment used to lift and move heavy loads, equipment, materials and other items to serve a variety of functions. They are used in different industries including assembling, development to shipbuilding and stacking materials. The use of cranes is commonplace in horizons because they are essential for assembling high rises which is why we see them in the urban areas of nowadays. This article we’ll conclude the list of top 10 crane Manufacturing Companies in India.

Crane can be constructed in a myriad of ways and is also used to create explicit cycles. In addition, numerous companies have lots of interplay, like piles, lifts, chain ropes or wire ropes as well as others. The mechanical power generated by the crane can be used to increase the motor framework, and continues to be utilized all the way to the older modern structure and the top Ten Crane Manufacturing Companies in India. The crane is typically a commercial-oriented manufacturing industry that collects the top ODC long freight transport of dump transfer and stacking of the development industry for the growth of assets.

The Top Companies on the List Crane Manufacturing Companies in India :

Snk Engineers Limited :

SNK Project Aiders Pvt. Ltd is among the top crane makers India has seen in the past 10 years. That’s not even the beginning of the story and has developed a complete fabrication office and skilled workforce. We produce a broad range of hardware that is material-giving thanks to the efforts of our skilled technocrats and specialists. The collective expertise of our team has helped us in meeting the needs of well-known foundations such as JAYPEE group, Delhi Metro, CEL, Raghvendra Steels, Harig India, Birla Group, AK Das Steels, IITs and many others.

From the moment we established our assembling facility in Bahadurgarh about 10 years earlier to that, we have made significant improvements and are in the process of expanding our operations by establishing another company with a new cutting-edge facility, equipment, and technology and among the one of the top Ten Crane Manufacturing Companies in India. In the past, we have established a broad range of clients for different kinds types of Cranes as well as Lifts.

  • Contact: +11 4165 6055
  • Address: 916, Ansal’s Kirti Shikhar, Janakpuri District Center, Janakpuri, Delhi, 110058
  • Solutions: Lifts & Elevator, Cranes, Electric Hoist, Power Winches, Chain Pulley Block, Structural Fabrication.
  • Website:

Cranex Limited :

Cranex Limited is one of the top crane manufacturers across India and produces EOT Cranes and Gantry Cranes across the country. We also offer the administration of later deals and reconditioning solutions within our area. Cranex is home to an assembly office, which is estimated to be 4,200 square meters in Sahibabad Industrial Area, around 14 kms. distance from New Delhi.

The company was founded during the years 1973-73 by. Suresh Chandra Agrawal and Mr. Piyush Agrawal. They are both today actively associated with the Board and the top 10 crane manufacturers in India. The Board is comprised of 4 advertiser chiefs and four free chiefs along with the Top 10 Crane Manufacturing Companies in India. The company is also registered by the BSE and is effectively traded.

Cranex provides its products to a small number of government and private sector enterprises. Customers of government departments and organizations include Bharat Heavy Electricals, Ltd. (BHEL), Railways, Delhi Metro, Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO), Orissa Cement Ltd (OCL) as well as National Thermal Power Corporation (NTPC).

Cranex also provides services to the private sector and has Alstom, Bennett Coleman, Jaso India, Durham Construction Pvt Ltd. and Maruti Suzuki as its biggest customers.

  • Contact number: +120 416 728
  • Address: 57/1, Industrial Area, Sahibabad Industrial Area Site 4, Uttar Pradesh 201010
  • Services Modernization of cranes, Renovating current cranes AMC of cranes. Also, Reconditioning of cranes that are in use.
  • Website:

Shanit Global – JIB EOT Crane Manufacturers & Suppliers in Delhi, India :

Shanti Global is another popular manufacturer of cranes located in India. Our turnkey administrations for a variety of offices such as lifting systems and material handling administrations, and revamped arrangements are provided at the beginning of the project and include Top the top Crane Manufacturing Companies in India.

We boast of an unquestionable group of experts who respond in all possible ways to any urgent need. Our contribution to our customers’ utilization of their hardware.

  • Contact no : +99999 22177
  • Address: M/S SHANTI GLOBAL SPR – Imperial Estate BUILDTECH LTD Flat no 401, Tower -1 Sector 82, Neharpar Faridabad, Haryana 121002
  • Services: Crane Retrofitting & Modification, Crane Annual Testing, Crane Machinist Training, Crane Annual Maintenance, Crane Assessment Evaluation.
  • Website:

WMI Konecranes India Ltd :

Konecranes is one of the largest and most well-known EOT crane maker within India and is a global collection of Lifting Businesses that serve many different clients that include assembling and cycling ventures shipsyards, ports and terminals. In addition to your requirements for lifting, Konecranes is focused on providing you with equipment for lifting and services that increase the value and sustainability of your company.

We’ve always been committed to enhancing the efficiency and efficiency of companies in many different industries and also the best Ten Crane Manufacturing Companies in India. Additionally, we’ve done this by continuously providing lift equipment and services that individuals can be confident in.

  • Contact: +91 20 4004 7470
  • Address: Shahpuri Tirath Singh Tower C-58 706 & C-58-712, Janakpuri, New Delhi 110058
  • Servicesoffered: inspections for cranes, preventive maintenance, predictive maintenance as well as remote control Retrofits and maintenance that is corrective and modernization services.
  • Website:

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Equipments to Control Cranes :

Crane Control Equipments is the most reputable crane manufacturing company that is located in India was established by the year 1988. It was located within New Delhi (India) and under the guidance under the direction of the late Mr. Mukesh Malkani, we have made significant improvements from then on. We have huge customers from both private and public areas. We provide solutions for modified fabrication, and have served some of the most important public-sector projects, such as power boards, rail lines and a few central members of private areas. We are also among the the top Ten Crane Manufacturing Companies in India.

We provide items like Radio Remote Control, Master Controller, Cable Trolleys, Rotary Limit Switch Counter Weight Limit Switch, Electro-Hydraulic Thrusters Electro-Hydraulic Thruster Brakes, Resistance Boxes, Flexible Geared Couplings along with bus bar conductor.

  • Contact: +8048718916
  • Address: B 249, Okhla Industrial Area, New Delhi, Delhi 110020
  • Services The services include Radio Remote Control Master Controller, Radio Remote Control Cable Trolleys, Rotary Limit Switch Counterweight Limit Switch.
  • Website:

Reliable Lifting Automation for Lifting:

Reliable Lifting Automation is another reliable company that is involved in the manufacture of cranes. As a group, we put forward a spirited effort. The Solid Lifting Automation cranes possess unique advantages of having lesser wheel load, lower weight, and a remarkable low failure rate. They are also among the among the top Ten Crane Manufacturing Companies in India. The most efficient and financially modernizing products for custom-made lifting equipment. Since its inception the company has been devoted to the changing of the seasons and the re-design of lifting equipment and has gained a wealth of experience through the training.

  • Contact: +93500 45007
  • Address: B, Sector 1 Rd Bawana Industrial Area, Sector 1, Bawana, Delhi, 110039
  • Website:

Manitowoc Crane Trading India Private Limited :

Manitowoc is among the most reputable manufacturer of gantry cranes of India. In 1902, the dream of the Manitowoc’s chief architects was to establish Manitowoc as an established, well-known organization across the globe and the top ten manufacturers of cranes in India. Today, our customer-focused culture, the Manitowoc Way, elevates advancement and speed to make us possible levels to be able to compete in an ever-changing world and we’re poised to succeed in the field of cranes for many years to in the future.

No matter if lifting plans need blast, crawler expanding or tower cranes, Manitowoc’s resiliency will be there to create something Real for its customers and financial backers, as well as representatives, and associates.

  • Contact: +20 6644 5500
  • Address: 72-76, Marigold complex, Mundhwa, Pune, Maharashtra 411036
  • Servicesoffered: MANITOWOC, GROVE, POTAIN National Crane, SHUTTLE LIFT.
  • Website:

Liftboy Industries – Industrial Cranes, Double Girder Cranes & Goods Lift :

Liftboy is among the most rapid industrial crane makers as well as the most innovative suppliers and manufacturers of materials that deal with different types of equipment in India. Our wide range of products includes Overhead E.O.T./H.O.T. Cranes, Jib Cranes, Electric Hoists, Winches, Chain Pulley Blocks Traveling Trolleys, Goods Lift, Industrial Lift, and Slings Other than these, we also make other types of lifting equipment with accessories and embellishments.

Liftboy has been an ISO 9001 certified business and all of our products meet or exceed the requirements set by to the Bureau of Indian Standards and top 10 crane makers in India. Notwithstanding these items, we likewise fabricate altered Material Handling Equipment according to the determinations/drawings of the clients.

  • Contact: +9873563097
  • Address: 8/1/17, Sahibabad Industrial Area Site 4, Sahibabad, Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh 201010
  • Website:

Unicon Technology Private Limited :

Unicon Technology Private Limited is one of the leading companies for manufacturing cranes within India. Established in 1976, we began our journey with an extremely humble beginning, but with the intention of growing to become one of the top reliable and reliable crane design and assembling companies in the nation. Our company has grown since then and have now an extensive plan and assembly offices that are spread across north of three facilities.

  • Contact number: +9953557046
  • Address: G-1, G-2, Industrial Area, Captain Vijyant Thapar Marg, Block F, Sector 3, Noida, Uttar Pradesh 20130
  • Website:

Kanta Jib Crane Pvt Ltd :

Kanta Jib Crane Pvt Ltd is among the most renowned Jib crane makers within India. We are the most renowned producers of a variety of Jib cranes. In addition to the assembling and assembling of the cranes, we also offer other equipment for lease, which includes equipment for live broadcasting of projects from TV stations and for the recording of video collection, and for the special capabilities.

The range we offer is exceptionally high-performing. Our top-of-the-line framework assists us to understand the specific needs of our clients. We assure that our products do not meet the company’s standard of quality, therefore they offer long-lasting support.

  • Contact number: +97113 558156
  • Address: 1/11740, F – 38, Panchsheel Garden, Naveen Shahdara, Delhi-110032, India
  • Services: Plasma Stand, Zhiyun Gimble, Folding Camera Controller, Mic, Accessories, Jib Crane.
  • Website:

Sites of Crane Manufacturing Companies in India :

1Snk Engineers Limited2013
2Cranex Limited1973
3Shanit Global2016
4WMI Konecranes India Ltd1910
5Crane Control Equipments1998
6Reliable Lifting Automation for Lifting1998
7Manitowoc Crane Trading India Private Limited2013
8Liftboy Industries2000
9Unicon Technology Private Limited1976
10Kanta Jib Crane Pvt Ltd2012

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FAQs on Top Ten Crane Manufacturing Companies in India :

What are the various types of cranes used in EOT?

EOT crane makers in Guwahati produce a range of EOT cranes like industrial EOT cranes and Single Girder EOT cranes and double Girder EOT cranes as well as heavy duty EOT cranes, and so on.

Which crane companies do you know of?

127 173 Manufacturers of Crane Parts | Crane Network.

What’s the purpose that the EOT-Crane has?

The electric overhead travelling crane also known as EOT crane is among the most popular kinds of overhead cranes, sometimes referred to as bridge cranes, with runways running parallel with a bridge that travels across the gap. EOT cranes are operated by electric power.

Who is the owner of the cranes?

Michael Liptak, CEO and, ALL Erection and Crane Rental | Facebook.

What is the most effective crane around the globe?

Taisun crane

Where is the Liebherr crane made?

Liebherr located in Gillette, Wyoming, U.S. Liebherr is a German-Swiss multinational equipment maker based within Bulle, Switzerland, with its primary manufacturing facilities and its roots in Germany.

What is the complete version of SWL?

The Safe Working Load (SWL) is the maximum amount of weight that an equipment like a rope, crane or similar device for lifting can carry. It is typically engraved at the bottom of the device by the maker.

How much weight can Cranes lift?

It can lift up 120 metric tonnes at the maximum at 100m. Cranes are also the primarystay of global trade: without the gantry quay cranes that are capable of hoisting 40 to 80 tons the crane would take weeks to remove the 20,000 steel containers of standard size which are affixed to the huge container ships that are in use today.

Which one is the most sturdy?

For these jobs it would be that of the Liebherr LTM 11200-9.1 It is an absolute monster of a mobile crane, and the top contender for the most powerful mobile crane.


The best method and further used to manage the business sector at the highest level of rental interest is in a state of obscurity. However, the most reliable and additionally efficient design that is made of high-quality different kinds of hardware can be an extremely pleasant and enjoyable interaction. Many expert group experts provide economically savvy, efficient versatile, reliable services and much more.

It also streamlines the seamless operation on an on-premises client. It is best to get to a higher location and have workers manage the machines in more effective wellsprings that are well-equipped to lift and set loads. However the majority of the company is guaranteed to take less time, therefore, we can conclude the top ten manufacturing firms in India.

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