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The Most Vibrant Flowers For Full-Sun Pots!!

Flowers always make a place in everyone’s heart. You can plant a container full of sun-loving plants in sunny locations in your garden for added color. Here are 20 flowers that can stand up to the summer light and heat.

Zahara Zinnia

Zinnias, an old-fashioned favorite, got a facelift in 2018 when Ball Horticultural Company produced this zinnia that thrives in hot conditions. The Zahara zinnia (Zinnia Maryland) blooms nonstop (no deadheading required) and has disease-resistant leaves (no more powdery mildew). Zahara, a drought-tolerant plant, grows in a mound 12 to 18 inches tall and wide, making it look neat in a container. Look for types with a spectrum of colors in their blossoms.

Diamond Frost Euphorbia

You’re planting one of the most award-winning plants ever cultivated when you plant Diamond Frost euphorbia. It has been rated one of the top plants by over 400 colleges and botanical gardens. This low-maintenance beauty generates a blizzard in a pot, blooming white flowers all season. It grows best in full sun, although it also blooms nicely in partial shade. Flowers delivery and make the house more colorful and positive.

Mandevilla Vine

With the vibrant Mandevilla vine, you may add a touch of the tropics to your garden. You’ll be rewarded with a strong flower show if you give it a weekly drink of plant food. It can stand alone in a pot or be combined with other tropicals, such as this majestic palm and pink Tropic Escape hibiscus, to create a sultry south-of-the-border container garden.

Supertunia Petunia

This beauty is Supertunia Vista Bubblegum, a nonstop flowering, low-maintenance petunia. It doesn’t require deadheading and continues to bloom – and expand. Plants grow in a lovely mound that is 12 to 24 inches tall, with stems that trail up to 3 feet. It looks great in a pot and will give you color until the first heavy freeze.

Bolivian Begonia

This lovely tuberous begonia (B. boliviensis) hails from the Andes Mountains and blooms profusely. Colorful bell-like blossoms abound on long, arching branches. Hummingbirds are attracted to fiery petal colors, but you can also discover flowers in pastel colors. Best of all, tuber plants can be overwintered in a dormant state (keep soil on the dry side in a dark place). 

Summer Snapdragon

Summer snapdragon puts on a flowering spectacle that is difficult to beat for hot weather and sunny settings. This annual, sometimes known as Angelonia, produces flower spikes in purple, pink, white, and bicolor mixes. All summer long, blooms entice butterflies and make lovely accents to garden-fresh bouquets (the flowers last and last).


This low-maintenance annual, often known as fan flower, spills out of containers and makes a great spiller plant. Scaevola also doesn’t require deadheading. It simply keeps growing and growing. If you want blue tones in your pots in full sun, this is the plant to choose, though it also blooms in pink and white. This hanging basket contains three Surdiva scaevola cultivars and is known as “Disco Diva” at garden centres. Request it by name. Send flower online and make your friends and family happier.


Lantana is a true show-stopper in container gardens, blooming in a variety of colours that fade as the blossoms age. Rich pink, orange, gold, and purple tones are common. Lantana thrives in hot weather, and once the mercury rises, the flower show begins in earnest – and continues until the first frost. Luscious Berry Blend lantana glistens in pink, peach, and gold in this pot, creating a bright contrast with Supertunia Vista Fuchsia petunia.


The lovely tints of calibrachoa are difficult to beat. This cute little flower looks like a mini-petunia and comes in a variety of colours and patterns, including gold and hot pink, scorching orange and deep red, and red with nearly black throats. There’s bound to be a calibrachoa to suit your preferences and colour scheme. A huge appetite is the key behind all that floral power. Throughout the growing season, give plants liquid plant food every two weeks to keep the blossoms coming. Calcachoa makes a floral skirt for a tuft of grass-like Toffee Twist sedge in this urn.


With the beautiful red and gold blossoms of ‘Beedance Painted Red’ bidens, create a hanging basket that will attract bees and other pollinators to your outdoor living spaces. ‘Surfinia Deep Red’ petunia and ‘Suntory Lobelia Trailing White’ petunia are among the other bloomers in this beautiful combination. The breeder hand-picked this trio of annuals since they grow at a comparable rate and toss open blossoms all summer. It’s offered as “Bee Fabulous” in garden centres.

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