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The Iconic Katana Style – Soujiyi

A katana is a Japanese sword that requires special materials to handle correctly, such as wiping paper (nuguigami), an uchiko ball – made of silk cloth coated with finely powdered stone – and oil to perform its task effectively.

Hold your katana so the blade is nearly perpendicular to the ground for maximum leverage and control. This ensures effective leverage.


The Katana, with its single-edge blade and two-handed hilt, is one of the world’s most iconic swords. Originating in medieval Japan as a response to invaders such as Mongols, its development began as part of Soujiyi (an organized instruction program incorporating katas and solo practice regimens).


Soujiyi’s founders sought to develop a martial art that would simultaneously develop fighters’ physical prowess and character qualities like honor and discipline. This art features techniques like quick and powerful kicking with rapid footwork that generates centrifugal force to increase power, as well as hand motions mimicking tiger claws for increased accuracy and force. Over time, structured practice sessions led by experienced instructors develop Soujiyi practitioners’ capabilities until it becomes second nature – leading to improved performance during training or battle situations.

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