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Ruby vs Kunzite: Which one would you prefer?

Ruby vs Kunzite

Check out this basic, yet the most detailed differentiation guide between ruby and kunzite jewelry that will help you make the best choice for yourself.

Ruby vs Kunzite: Which one would you prefer?


What tends to be the most eye-captivating factor in ruby jewelry is its deep and vivid hue of classic and cosy red colour. This red-raging shade of in ruby jewelry is caused by the presence of mineral chromium. The red hue of ruby can range from being a deep hue of red to rich red, and even a lighter pinkish hue of red. In addition to it, ruby can also be found in the colouration of pink, purple as well as orange. Nevertheless, no hue can match the classiness and glamour that the royal red colour lends. Besides, all these hues are quite less common in the market.

The most precious ruby jewelry, like that glittering and charming piece of ruby ring would have a deep and striking hue of red. The variety of hue is also known as the “pigeon’s blood red hue”.

On the other hand, if you are looking to cherry-pick gemstone jewelry for a grandeur function like a wedding or an engagement, then nothing better than adorning yourself with the royal hues of kunzite jewelry that come across pink, lavender as well as a deep and intense violet hue.

The lavender to pink hue in kunzite jewelry is mainly due to the presence of manganese in its composition that makes it look adorable and exquisite.

If you are looking for the most precious and alluring piece of kunzite jewelry, like that shimmering kunzite pendant or that heavenly kunzite ring, then go for the most stunning hue. Undoubtedly, a pure hue of pink or the bubble gum pink, is what you should search for.


The red-raging rubies, can range from being completely transparent to translucent. The clarity level of the stone usually determines the value as well as the overall worth of the stone. For instance, rubies that lends a crystal-clear beauty because of the transparent body are usually considered to be the most sought-after and high-quality pieces. Higher the transparency of the surface, sharper would be the reflection of the light that will pass through it. Such a high refractive index allows the ruby stone to emanate its cheerful colours and brilliance to the best advantage of the wearer.

In some cases, rubies can have slight degree of inclusions and impurities too. Well, such inclusions re-define the beauty of the red-raging ruby in their own unique way. In a nutshell, cent per cent transparent and utterly reflective rubies tend to be the superior than those with a slightly translucent or opaque surface. Highly precious ruby necklace that surge the aesthetics of the wearer with its mesmerizing and mystic beauty are made up of transparent rubies.

As far as clarity in kunzite jewelry is concerned, it would be miracle indeed if you came across a piece that is completely transparent and free of inclusions. In most cases, kunzite jewelry would be having a translucent surface with some degree of inclusions in it. Its because of its natural occurrence that this gem is extracted in such a form.

Further, in an attempt to enhance its sparkle and look, jewelry designers often give a facet cut to kunzite jewelry. Such a practice can even reduce the transparency in kunzite jewelry.

Hardness Level

With a high score of almost 9 on the Mohs scale of hardness,ruby is only next to diamond. Together known as the corundum group of mineraloids, both ruby and sapphire have a same level of hardness. So, you can be a bit tension-free. Because small wear and tears would not affect the durability and beauty of that playful pair of ruby earrings. Still, its not 10/10. A basic care and concern are required while adoring rubies.

A potential drawback of having kunzite jewelry in your collection could be that it comes    with a comparatively low hardness level that is around 6.5-7 on the Mohs scale of hardness.

On clashing with harder gemstones like sapphire and diamond, it can suffer serious damage or even breakage. While the former would remain completely unharmed and intact.

Especially, while adorning soft and small ornaments like kunzite earrings or a kunzite ring, you need to be more alert and attentive or else, you might have a hard time bearing the loss of your esteemed and precious jewelry.


In most cases, ruby tend to have glass-like, vitreous lustre which reflects the light entering the crystal in quite a stunning and sizzling way. As swift and steak as a piece of glass.

The quality of the lustre is also affected by the cut and clarity. Those piece with a perfect cut, and are free of inclusions, have an even deep and bright lustre. On the flip side, if the ruby is not in a good shape and has a bit cloudy or dull look, then the beauty of lustre can also plunge. Alike ruby, kunzite also has a same grade of lustre, which is a bit vitreous.

Similarly, the sheen of its lustre is also affected by the cut and clarity. Better the factors, more alluring would be the sheen due to the reflection and vice versa.


Rubies are among the most expensive gemstones, with record ruby prices exceeding $1,000,000 per carat. Rubies, on the other hand, are subjected to more treatments than practically any other stone. As a result, ruby prices can range from a few hundred to hundreds of dollars per carat. Kunzite stone prices per carat in India commonly range from Rs 1,500 ($20 approx.) to Rs 75,000 ($1000 approx.).

Wrapping Up.

To ensure that you invest your hard-earned money into the most desirable and convenient gemstone jewelry for yourself, it is imperative to consider an ponder over your decision from different perspectives and angles. To let you adorn yourself with most beautiful jewelry that will compliment with the charm of your attire, we have given you a basic idea about some major factors that drives jewelry lover to make a choice. And if you are looking for a trusted and reliable source to avail authentic and best-quality gemstone jewelry, then shop from one of the prominent gemstone jewelry suppliers in the market; Rananjay Exports.

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