Robert Nico Martinelli – Retirement Planning Tips for Beginners


Retirement planning is essential for everyone, and it is never too late for you to start. However, you need to save every month when it comes to planning for your future. It is a multi-step process that evolves with the passage of time. To make it secure, fun and comfortable, you should create a financial cushion that will offer you all the funds you need. The planning process might be serious and boring; however, it will help you how to get there.

Robert Nico Martinelli is an expert in the field of retirement tax planning, and he says that it starts with the retirement goals and the length of time that you have to fulfil. You need to examine the different types of retirement accounts that help you raise money to fund the future. As you save money, you need to invest it to help you grow it effectively.

When it comes to the above, you need to pay attention to the taxes. Now, if you have got tax deductions over the years that have been contributed to the retirement accounts, there will be a high tax bill that will be charged when you start to withdraw them from your savings account.

There are certain ways for you to reduce retirement tax while you save for the future, and in order to continue this process, even on the day of your retirement, you need to follow the steps below-

  1. Retirement includes the determination of the time horizons, the estimation of costs, and calculating the after-the-tax returns after it has been calculated, after evaluating the risk tolerances and estate planning.
  • You should begin to plan for retirement as soon as possible. Younger investors can take more risks than their older peers when it comes to risks. They should be more conservative when it comes to taking risks.
  • Retirement plans tend to evolve through the years, and this means that the portfolios must be rebalanced and the estate plans updated when needed.

Save 15% of your gross annual income

Now, the question is, how much should you save for your retirement? Experts in the field recommend that you should save about 15% of your gross earnings annually. If you really wish to be serious about your savings, you should start when you are in your 20s and continue saving a portion of your income through the working years.

When it comes to the age of retirement, 65 years is considered to be the ideal age. For Social Security, you can begin to collect benefits for your retirement for 62 years. However, you do not get the full benefits if you wait until the complete retirement age to collect them.

Robert Nico Martinelli says that when it comes to retirement savings, you should keep the above in mind, as this will ensure that you get a secure future when the time of your retirement comes. You should also consult a skilled retirement expert in the field to help you get the guidance you need for your retirement plans with success!


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