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How to Use Facebook Comments and Messages 

followers on facebook

It’s true that you can automate most social media posts; however, there are certain things you can’t.(followers on facebook)you have stunning photos, professional copywriting that includes powerful calls to action, and tested Facebook ads. However, there are some social media activities that you can only execute.Click here

Read this guide to discover the best ways to comment and respond to messages.


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Online shoppers are influenced by reviews on the social web, posts, and feedback. According to research, 85% of people read between 10 online reviews and online comments before they can be confident in a brand.

 Therefore, handling your words can make a massive difference to your business. Social media is all about an individual contact. Comments let your followers know the importance they and their needs will be too.

Here are the essential guidelines for handling comments on social media sites:

Respond ASAP

In addition to responding within one hour (at minimum two hours), You must ALWAYS respond.

TIP Use Facebook’s Manager Page Mobile app to manage your comments, messages, and posts (iOS, Android).

Be friendly and approachable.

You represent an organization, and your voice must always represent the business positively.

Be honest

As an organization, it is essential to be completely transparent and not appear to the customer the company is trying to hide a mistake.

Keep accurate records

The comments on social media the users leave can provide an abundance of information about how you can improve your service to your customers.

Go to a private location.

Do not leave comments about a product or service without emailing the person who replied. Your lead is hot – now is the time to chat about the best offers, as long as you’ve solved any issues the person who commented might have faced.Read more

To send a PM (private messages), simply tap the profile picture, then choose the option to send a message. Make sure to leave a comment on the message you’ve sent.

Request an evaluation

In the event of a need, asking the client to leave reviews may be appropriate.

Help your customers by providing a link to the review of your service in your review.

Encourage visitors to return.

Always make sure you encourage your customers to return and bring their family members along too.

  • Responding to Negative Comments
  • Always be responsive

If you don’t reply, it appears as if you don’t bother. People are angry and more likely to leave more negative reviews. This can harm your to get followers on facebook business page

First, apologize, then admit the error.

Always begin your remarks with a polite, gracious apology.

  • For more information, contact us.

Sometimes, angry customers might be unable to provide all the details needed to determine the problem.

  • Go to a private location.

It might be prudent to make the conversation private in certain instances.

  • Don’t ignore or delete

Chances are that someone saw the article, but it looks like you’re trying to avoid the issue when it disappears.

  • Let the discussion take place.

Your audience might be eager to be involved. There’s no better evidence of the popularity of your brand than followers and fans standing out for it.


Similar to comments, messages are also a means to establish good relations with your target audience. A few marketers ignore this aspect that social media advertising offers (hidden as it’s not something that happens beneath your newsfeed).buying followers on facebook

If they come across your promotional message, users don’t have to email you or call you on your website to inquire about your hours of operation, price, shipping, or anything else – they click on your profile and contact you via PM.

Pop-Up Messenger

Facebook allows you to receive instant pop-up messages when your response rate exceeds 90 percent. When you’re using your messages regularly, the platform sends an instant message to invite visitors to ask questions about your business or to start a conversation. Be sure to respond promptly to allow this feature to be available.

Response Assistant

  • Instant Replies are sent to anyone who contacts your Page.
  • The speed of response is crucial Instant replies let customers know that you’ll get back to them directly shortly.
  • Choose your words honestly and be honest “instantly” to “within hours.”
  • Keep your eyes open when you’re unable to respond.
  • Let your customers know that you’ll be back in touch soon.

Show a Messenger Greeting

Create a greeting message that people will notice when they open an account on Messenger.

Reduce time spent answering all inquiries in one Inbox, including Facebook, Messenger, or Instagram posts. You can rest assured that you’re not losing any critical message or post. For updates, you must install/update the Facebook Pages Manager Mobile App (OS, Android) or view notifications on Facebook in the web version.

One Inbox to receive Messenger, Facebook, and Instagram comments


Tap the person’s name to access their public profile and the previous interactions they have had with your company. You can also design your labels and assign them to individuals by what they’ve contacted you about.

Reply to Comments

You can respond to Facebook posts, guest posts, reviews, and Instagram messages directly in your current Inbox by pressing the article you want to reply to.

Not only are messages, comments, and other non-automated communications essential to a brand’s image, but they also allow brands to communicate on an even deeper level with followers and followers. 

This can result in increased engagement and more sales. Furthermore, applications help you keep track of all your comments, messages, or posts. So, where could you possibly go wrong?

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