How to shorten aluminium ute tray

How to shorten aluminium ute tray

Maybe the Aluminium Ute Trays you have purchased are pretty big when compared to the Ute van and cutting down the trays is the only option to get them fit inside the car. There are some simple steps to follow along the line for that.

·         Most of the time, the triple M trays are bolted together. So, the only cutting that needs to be done is to the side rails and the chassis rails.

·         These parts are the ones, located under the tray, and not the ones on your car.

·         The mudflaps associated with the aluminium trays can also be relocated by bolts as well. So, there is no need for you to touch the front of the trays. You should always start from the rear.

·         There are other brands that might be riveted. For that, you need to drill the rivets and then replace them with bolt and nylok nuts.

Get it done by experts

Even though the steps might seem a bit simple, in reality, it is not. You need specialised tools and drilling machines to get the task done on time. It is not just about purchasing the tools from your nearby hardware store, but you need years of practice to get the job done right. Chances are high that you might end up cutting pieces, which are not meant to be cut, and that will ruin the entire model and you can’t do anything about it later!

·         So, to be on the safer side, it is always necessary to opt for the best experts for help.

·         Being in this field for a long time, they know the drill and will cut the UTE trays in the way you have asked them to.

Proper measurements will seal the deal

To avoid cutting of Aluminium Ute Trays from the first go, it is important to measure the space that your UTE vehicle has. Depending on the right measurement, you can choose the tray you like. If you fail to get the exact measure, there is nothing to worry about. Just mention the name, make and model of the car you are using and the team from Ozi4*4 will provide the exact aluminium UTE tray that goes with your car model.

Just make sure to log online at and learn everything about the UTE trays now. The more you research, the better options are here to the rescue right away!


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