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How Commercial Locksmith Services Can Help Your Business

How Commercial Locksmith Services Can Help Your Business

If you are a business owner, you know that security is of the utmost importance. No matter what type of business you run, it is crucial to ensure optimum security of your products, critical documents as well as personal safety of your staff members and customers from burglars. Of course, you would not want to leave your business in a property that is not secured enough. That’s when the service of a commercial locksmith comes into the picture.

Whether you own a hotel, warehouse or office building, locksmiths can help them keep protected. From replacing door locks to installing security cameras, there are numerous ways where commercial locksmiths can offer reliable security to your business. In this post, we will go over 8 ways commercial locksmiths can help you ensure security.

#1 Install new locks to safeguard your premise

If you have newly purchased a commercial property, it is advisable to change the locks on every exterior door. There is no way you can find out who has keys to the old locks. Even if the property is newly built, you may never know if your contractor had access to the doors. The best way to ensure the safety of your office is to replace old locks with the new ones. Hiring a commercial locksmith will help you efficiently replace every lock in your building to prevent unauthorized access.

#2 Rekey the locks when an employee leaves your company

As a business owner, the primary reasons when you need to rekey the locks include when any member of your staff quits the job and there is a chance that they may have keys to your office, or there is chance that they have made duplicates for a reason that might not be known to you. In such situations, a commercial locksmith can help you rekey the locks. You don’t need to change the locks if they are in good condition, but just get your keys changed. A locksmith will help you get your locks rekeyed in order to prevent theft when an employee is terminated.

#3 Repair or change damaged locks in your building

All locks do wear out over time. However, procrastinating on repair can cause more damage. Some locks may require some lubrication to restore its full functionality, while major lock damage may demand intensive repair or you may need to replace the entire lock if it is damaged beyond repair. If you observe signs of failing lock mechanism, contact a professional locksmith right away. They are highly trained and have specialized tools to get the job done quickly. Fixing the lock as soon as possible will prevent further damage and save money.

#4 Create duplicate keys of your business

Based on the size of your business, it is likely you will never have enough spare keys. As your business expands and headcount increases, you will need more secure offices and spare keys. Fortunately, locksmiths can help you create high quality spare keys. They will come right to your location and cut all the keys you require in minutes. They use advanced key-cutting equipment and techniques to create duplicate keys that exactly match the original keys. So, next time you happen to lose or misplace keys, you never have to worry about getting in or out of your office.

#5 Get access to your premise in case of an emergency

Your doors are the main access point to your building. If your locks break apart all of sudden, or you lose or misplace keys and don’t have a spare key, you will be stranded outside your own secure doors. If you find yourself in such situation, just call an emergency commercial locksmith. He will arrive at your location immediately and help you get inside the building with as little hassle as possible.

#6 Create a master key to access all the doors

A master key is one of the best ways to control access to different departments or rooms in your premises. Through a single key, you can unlock all the doors in your building and control employees’ movement. This key comes in handy when you wish to access a locked door in an emergency. This can also be useful when you have multiple offices in multiple locations. A commercial locksmith can help you create a master key, so you can access all the areas of your business any time you want.

#7 Install or repair safes

Safes are an important part of the business as they keep your valuables secured, which is why it is crucial to make sure they are protected. If you are interested in purchasing a new safe, a commercial locksmith can advise you on choosing the right kind of safe depending on the type of assets you wish to protect. Locksmiths can also help you install and maintain a safe to store important documents, money or valuables. If by chance you are locked out of your safe because of the lock malfunction, a locksmith can help you restore access.         

#8 Consultation regarding building security

Lastly, locksmiths can also aid you in improving security of your workplace. Depending on your business size and the industry you operate, it is quite possible that you work with expensive machinery and equipment. In that case, you need proper security features in place to protect your company’s assets. That’s when you can count on commercial locksmiths. Using their years of knowledge and expertise, locksmiths can make recommendations regarding the right locks and security systems for your business. 

Final Thoughts These are just some of the many ways a locksmith can help you protect your business. Hiring a commercial locksmith in Raleigh NC has many benefits. They can help you prevent theft and burglary and minimize downtime in case of lockout by reaching your location at the earliest. They can also advise you on the latest locking systems to enhance safety of your premises. Thus, if your lock is damaged, broken or show any signs of trouble, be sure to call a locksmith for commercial door lock repair and installation.

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