How Can AccessiBe Integration Benefit Your Business?


Online shopping surged drastically after the advent of the coronavirus pandemic. Business websites had to be accessible to everyone on the Internet, including people with disabilities. They are a large section of the buyers online and have huge spending power. As a business owner, if your site is inaccessible to them, you will be losing out on a large volume of sales opportunities.

It is here that they should pay attention to website accessibility and compliance. As per the guidelines of the ADA and the WCAG 2.1 regulations, every business is legally responsible for making its websites accessible to everyone on the Internet, including users with disabilities. If they fail to do so, they are liable to face legal lawsuits and hefty fines. Businesses are aware of the above rules; however, they face the major challenge of costs when it comes to arresting accessibility gaps with manual processes that are very expensive for the company.

How does AccessiBe Integration help your business?

AccessiBe is an AI-powered automated tool that takes care of your website compliance and accessibility problems. This tool just needs to be installed on your site for it to take care of the above without hassles. Thanks to the advanced technologies of machine learning and artificial intelligence, this tool scans the site every 24 hours to ensure that it is accessible and fully compliant round the clock. With the help of this tool, small business owners are able to save time and money. The tool is very affordable, and its pricing plans start from $49 per month.

Enhance the browsing experience of your visitor

Users with disabilities are able to customize their web browsing experience with this unique tool. They are able to access special profiles to customize their browsing experience. This can be done at the click of the tab button. This tool can effectively customize the color, stop animations, contrast, font, and more on the site. They can access screen readers and keyboard navigation easily as well. At the same time, in case another user without disabilities accesses the site and does not activate the features for accessibility, there are no changes in the browsing experience. With the help of the accessibility tool, you can enhance the browsing experience of every visitor to your site.

Reduce bounce rates and increase web traffic

Search engines also give preference to sites that focus on accessibility for all their users. This means your bounce rates are reduced, and the web traffic to your site will increase. The biggest advantage of website accessibility is that you increase your sales opportunities and boost your goodwill in the market as a socially responsible business that considers everyone equal.

The AccessiBe tool just takes five minutes for you to install. It quietly operates in the background and does not interfere with the underlying code of your site. It just uses a line of the JavaScript of your site to operate. It scans the site daily and ensures that it is fully compliant, successfully protecting your business from unwanted lawsuits.


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