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Get Hostbillo’s Windows Shared Hosting in USA for Better Website Speed

Get Hostbillo’s Windows Shared Hosting in USA for Better Website Speed

Every website owners always look for new ways to increase the performance and speed of their website. Because technologies are getting more advance and a large number of users do not go on that website that doesn’t perform fast. Hence, Web hosting solutions play a key role in the performance of Web sites.

web hosting service is a very important thing when it comes to website speed and performance. In this article we will tell you how Windows shared Hosting in USA is become a p[erfect partner for website owners. It is the most cost-effective and reliable option for a new website. But before you know about Windows shared server let us tell you why Website’s speed, letter a lot.

Why Does fast website Speed be important?

Mentioned following are the reasons that explain why the speed of the website matters – 

  • A large percentage of Internet users would not wait more than two to three seconds while they attempt to load any website. So, if the web page of your website takes more time for loading then your potential visitors will, unfortunately, move to your competitors. 
  • Search engines tend to rank the websites that provide high web page loading speed and great performance. This is because they aim to deliver the best results to their users for the entered keywords. So, when you ensure to enable your website to acquire high speed, your SEO team efforts are helped. 
  • With good website speed, you get the possibility to retain your existing customers for longer. Moreover, it also helps you draw more and more potential users to the Internet.

How to Increase Website Speed on a Windows Shared Server in USA

Before we tell you about the aspects that help you to increase website speed let us tell you about Windows shared Hosting in USA. it is the cheapest and most effective web hosting choice that you can pick for your website.

In Shared Hosting, web hosting provides hosts hundreds of websites on a single server. All websites share all resources and space of the primary server. And When a web hosting provider uses a windows server for shared Hosting it is called windows shared hosting.

With Windows Shared hosting in USA, you can obtain the best-in-class hosting features without having to take any responsibility for your physical server and its operations. They allow you to focus on growing & advancing your website. 

For your Websites hosted on Windows shared hosting in USA, the following steps can increase speed –

  • Make use of caching
  • Remove unnecessary plugins
  • Install a lightweight theme
  • Utilize a content delivery network (CDN)
  • Optimize images
  • Make the usage of lazy loading
  • Optimize your database

Get Real Speed Boosts With Better Web Hosting Services

You must have to seek a reliable and trustworthy web hosting provider in order to get the right web hosting plan for your website. In our opinion, Hotsbillo Hosting solutions are the most influential web hosting company. That provides the best Windows shared Hosting plans and packages in USA at a very low cost.

You can get the support of hyper-scale web hosting Services and also you can get benefit from Hostbillo’s resilient technologies to operate your website with ease and with no downtime.

The company has also gained many awards for meeting the demands & requirements of varied websites. Its data centers further deliver seamless support and advanced web hosting services in order to enable your website to deliver high-speed performance.

Furthermore, each Hostbillo web hosting company’s plan & package comes with highly scalable web resources and security-as-a-service. With Hostbillo’s cheap Windows shared hosting in USA, you get the privilege to easily downgrade or upgrade your plan or package anytime based on the number of your website’s users, business website traffic, and other necessities. 

On the other side, you obtain the following advantages with all the company’s windows shared hosting plans in USA –

  • 99.90% server uptime guarantee
  • Control panel
  • Operating system choice
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Weekly backup
  • Business email
  • High bandwidth
  • Large disk space
  • Free Domain
  • Free SSL certificate
  • Free Hosting Migration


Windows Shared Hosting in USA is the simple and most effective web hosting solution that provides you with a feasible way to advance your website’s growth. It offers high flexibility, excellent hosting features, robust data protection, and easy customizability to host your web business smoothly. 

Further, at Hostbillo web hosting company, you can easily get the most suitable USA shared windows server hosting plan according to your website needs. Check out right away the official & detailed website of the company to get additional insightful information about the leading & cheapest Windows shared hosting plans.

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