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What to avoid eating after getting a nose piercing?

foods to avoid after nose piercing

In the past decade, nose piercings became more popular. After a nose piercing is complete, it’s important to take extra care. You should be aware of any dietary restrictions that may apply to nose piercings.

Many people consider nose piercing a right of passage. This is a great way to transform your body and it can also be an emotional experience. Many people begin eating after getting their piercings done. This helps to heal the pain. Do you know which foods can cause a new piercing to hurt? This article will tell you what foods to avoid after a nose piercing .

What are the best foods to avoid after nose piercing?

Many people with nose piercings ask their professional body piercers about which foods to avoid after nose piercing. It is important to ask your professional body surgeon about the best foods to avoid following a nose piercing. The nose and mouth are interconnected.

Both can share nerves, which can lead to “locked jaw syndrome”. It is important that you avoid raw eggs, raw meat and fresh seafood after a nose-piercing. After a nose piercing, it is important to avoid spicy foods.

1. Foods of large size

If you have a nose piercing, certain foods should be avoided. Large-sized foods, such as large fish, can cause serious physical injuries. The reason is that the piercing can stretch the flesh of your nose and weaken the cartilage. The cartilage connects the septum and the nose. The cartilage is the tissue that connects your nostrils to your septum. It is possible for the cartilage to be too thin or torn to allow for nose piercing. This can lead to the need for you to have your piercings removed.

2. Crunchy foods

What foods should you avoid after a nose-piercing? Some people can feel pain from the smallest of things. It is important to avoid peanuts and nuts. These foods can cause irritation and pain. Avoid these foods if your nose is still tender.

3. Spicy food

Consuming spicy foods can cause problems in your stomach, mouth, throat and stomach. You should avoid spicy foods like tabasco, jalapeno and salsa if you have a piercing on your nose. You could get a rash or other issues from the heat. To find out which spicy foods you should avoid, search the term “spicy foods you should avoid”.

4. Hot beverage with steam

You are likely to crave something warm and soothing after getting your nose pierced at hospital. Hot tea, hot coffee and hot chocolate all sound comforting. Be aware of the foods that can cause damage to your new piercing before you go crazy! Hot food can cause havoc on your new piercing.

Your nose can swell if you drink hot liquids. Your piercings can reopen if steam is present. What should you eat and drink? Iced tea and cold liquids like it can help heal your piercing. To ease your pain, you can also consume a lot of ice or put ice in a cup. Make sure you don’t use steam if you decide to drink a hot beverage.

5. Acidic and Sour Foods

A nose piercing heals much faster than a surgery. Because the skin around the piercings isn’t as damaged, this is why the healing process is so much quicker. It is important to clean your nose and avoid foods that may slow down healing time or cause infection. Avoid eating tomato, plum and high-sodium processed food after a nose piercing.

6. Sugary Food

Sugary foods can cause damage to your healing process. You should be cautious about what you eat when you’re trying to heal a piercing. Sugary foods can cause piercings to last longer. Avoid starchy or sugary foods prior to your piercing. These foods can slow down the healing process.

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What to do after nose piercing

1. Antiseptics should be avoided

There are many things you can do to prevent infection and protect your nose piercings. Antiseptics and other harsh cleansers are something you should stay clear of. They can damage the tissue and cause the piercings to close up. It is best to wash them with warm water and mild soap. You should also avoid certain things. Avoid blowing your nose and doing any other breathing exercises that could cause irritation to your nasal passages. Showering should be done with care. Avoid hot showers, and avoid showering for at least a week following your piercing.

2. Do not play with your piercings!

It is possible that your nose piercing needs to be taken care of. It is your personal decoration and you will want it to be proud of. It is important to understand that your piercing can be damaged or infected if it is left unattended. It is important to not play with your piercings.

3. Avoid swimming

Fans may wish to swim in the pool after getting their noses pierced. It is important to keep in mind that your piercing will heal, so avoid swimming for at least 6 weeks.

4. Avoid sport!

For the first few months following your nose piercing, it is best to avoid any sport. Because the bump from your nose-piercing could become infected. Because of the risk of bleeding, nose piercings can also be infected. To avoid complications, it is best to stop participating in sports for the first few months following a piercing.

5. Don’t change your piercing!

After the healing period is over, many people want to take out their nose piercings. You should not remove your nose piercing until the healing process is complete. After a few days, your nose piercing may start to hurt. You might be tempted remove the healing piercing to stop the pain. This could be a huge mistake. For the full healing process, it is crucial to leave your nose-piercing in. You may have to redo your nose piercing if you take your nose piercing out too soon.


After getting your nose pierced, you will want to eat. It’s normal. However, you need to be aware that certain foods are best avoided. They can cause inflammation and infections. Avoiding these foods 24 hours prior to and 24 hours following your piercing is the best way to avoid them. This will allow you to rest and heal, as well as prevent any potential problems from occurring with your new piercing.

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