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First Defense Nasal Screens Net Worth

First Defense Nasal Screens Net Worth


It is believed that the First Defense Nasal Screens company is controlled by Joe Moore. Moore declined $4 million from Shark Tank investors for a 30 percent share in the business, as well as the possibility of a perpetual 10% royalty. However, despite his refusal however, the investors recognized the potential in him and gave him $750,000 in exchange for 30 percent stake in the company as well as a 10% of a lifetime royalty. 

The business was later offered an order for purchase of $8 million that was signed by Hillary Clinton for the United Arab Emirates that was suffering from serious pollution of the air. In the final quarter of the year, the total worth of the company will likely to reach $50 million.


First Defense Nasal Screens started in the United States, but is currently distributed throughout the world. The company’s founders are currently based within Shanghai, China, and Australia. The net worth of the company is estimated at $50 million in February 2022. Despite its low estimation it is evident that the FDNS company is profitable as is Joe Moore has a net worth of $5 million. The company is likely to expand without outside investments, due to its capability to decrease air pollution as well as protect the health of humans.

Chance to become a Global Company

Joe Ross was a successful Shark on Shark Tank. The company took home the prize of $1 million for the best idea. The business plan has the potential to become an international business. Additionally, revenues of FDNS equipment in India are projected to be $50 million by the end of August 2022. Due to the worldwide demand for nasal screens the worth for the business has grown dramatically in the past few years.

World Wide

Despite the increasing popularity of FDNS its finances, they remain secret. In the beginning when the business was first established Joe was required to raise a significant amount of capital in order to start up. But his idea was a success in the end. First Defense Nasal Screens are today sold in more than fifty countries around the globe. It’s no wonder the company’s revenues have surpassed $100 million within five years.

Net Worth

Alongside its worldwide popularity In addition, it is also a huge success in the United States. First Defense Nasal Screens net worth of Joe Moore is estimated to be $50 million by the month of February 2022. Although the business isn’t open to the public, it has proven to be an effective venture with regards to the marketing for the item. The company’s products are now present in more than fifty countries in the world. So Joe’s FDNS net worth is quite impressive. A successful business should never be funded solely by itself.

Will reach 1 billion dollars Soon

The company’s earnings aren’t made public, but its net worth is generated by the sale of its nose filter products to various markets all over the world. While the company has only a few employees however, it’s widely accessible in more than 50 countries. In addition, the FDNS value is expected to be $1 billion by 2020. But, the company isn’t open to the public.

Global Distribution

In January 2022 the net worth was projected to reach $100 million by July. The company is a global distribution of their products and their value is expected to be $1 billion in 2022. This company has the distinction of being the largest manufacturer of air pollution filters. In actual fact they are sold to over 50 countries in the world.

Growing Net Worth

At present in the present, it is currently, First Defense Nasal Screens net value has increased rapidly because of The Shark Tank show. Although the product was not in this show, its business has increased to the level of a million dollars worth of market values. The company was able to achieve this through selling its products around the world. Its top customers include those from the United States, India, and Canada. The value of the business is contingent on the amount of countries it serves.


First Defense Nasal Screens First Defense Nasal Screens are produced in more than 50 countries. Additionally the company boasts a net worth of $5 million. At the time of writing the net income of the company was $65 million. The company’s growth is caused by the demand for the products they sell, and this have resulted in the creation of jobs as well as a greater net worth. First Defense Nasal Screens net worth is impressive. First Defense Nasal Screens net worth is impressive considering its popularity and profit.

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