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The use of digital watermarks to protect video and OTT material is becoming more and more prevalent. Due to their ease of installation and difficulty of removal, unlawful content distribution is made all the more difficult by digital watermarks. To put a watermark on a protected video, a JSON string defining how and what to overlay is used to generate the watermark.

Dynamic watermarks can be updated in real time on all platforms where the video has been released, unlike static watermarks, which are fixed after the videos are released. In the future, content owners will be able to update or remove watermarks as they see fit, significantly enhancing the security of DRM protected content. This means that any time a video’s logo, website, or other image reference is modified, watermarking on individual videos or the entire asset collection can be updated to reflect the new information. It is also possible to display the watermark information in a different language depending on the area where the content is being watched. Anti-piracy protection for live and streaming services can be provided by dynamic video watermarking algorithms that change watermarking approaches. It’s also possible for content creators to move the watermark around while the video plays, making it impossible for users to capture the video and resize their screen. It’s also possible to dynamically alter the rate at which the location changes.

If you’re using dynamic watermarking, you may embed information on the video asset while it’s being played back at the user’s end, such as the user’s email, date and time of watching, their IP address, or even their business logo. Because of their dynamic nature, they provide additional protection for confidential content that is not intended to be shared or altered. DAI (dynamic ad insertion) is also activated via dynamic watermarking in order to optimise addressable ad income. DRM video protection techniques such as watermarks are not sufficient on their own, but when used in conjunction with other measures, they can help to safeguard the intellectual property of the content owner and aid to trace the source of any alleged infringement. They also serve as a helpful reminder to users about their own and others’ rights to the content they’re using.

In general, 3D watermarking techniques can be divided into the following categories:

Geometry, texture, and a map defining the relationship between geometry and texture are all taken into account while creating a geometry watermark. In rendering applications, these components are utilised to build an arbitrary view in relation to the lighting conditions of a scene.

When a 3D object is rendered into 2D photos or movies (after being projected into 2D image planes), the watermark that was initially hidden in the texture of the object is extracted, therefore securing any visual depiction of the object.

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