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Cats and heat – tips for a pleasant summer

Even under normal circumstances, cats are little drinkers. They absorb the majority of the required liquid via (wet) food, and many cats are water-shy or simply not interested. This can lead to major problems, especially in summer, as cats are susceptible to dehydration due to the already lower water supply. However, with a tip and tricks, the cat can be supported and spend a pleasant summer.

Water march!

To ensure that the cat drinks enough, several drinking places should always be provided for the cat. Water places can be distributed throughout the apartment and also in the garden. These should be replenished several times a day with fresh water at room temperature. ATTENTION: ice cubes should not be added to the cat’s drinking water under any circumstances, as the stomach of a cat is very sensitive to the cold. If you notice that your cat repeatedly does not drink enough, you can do something tricky: just add some cat milk or mix the food with additional water.

For many cats also the hit: is a cat drinking fountain! The circulating, freshwater encourages you to drink!

hamster nesting material, so the fountain should be placed in a place that passes several times a day.

Cat ice cream homemade

Each of us knows how good such an ice cream does in summer. We also like to enjoy a cool, delicious, homemade ice cream. We have prepared some recipes for irresistible ice cream enjoyment, where the house tigers will lick their paws. We used the delicious Dr. Clauders cat food, but any food is suitable for this preparation – the main thing is to taste the velvet paws!

You need:

✿ an ice cube shape

✿ a blender or blender

✿ Wet cat food

✿ some water

✿ n.B. Cat milk

✿ n.B. Cats Schleck Snack

Please make sure that your cuddly tiger likes the individual ingredients and also tolerates them well. All ingredients are pureed with a stick or blender, at the end add the water. The amount of liquid added varies – until the desired consistency is achieved. Mix everything well and fill it into the molds, here silicone molds such as ice cube molds are best suited. As a topping, a portion of the Schleck snacks can also be added. The ice cube tin is then placed in the freezer and can be consumed after a few hours.

Note: please let the cat ice cream thaw a little before consumption, if necessary keep it under some lukewarm water. Feeding recommendation: 2-3 cat ice cubes per week.

Play on hot days

If the temperatures are too high, it is not necessary to romp with the cat, as this can lead to dangerous overexertion and overheating. Therefore, for the occupation of the cat on warmer days, a mental instead of physical workload is recommended. Cats’ intelligence toys are great for this, as the cat does not have to move much here and still has tricky tasks to solve. In the cat solitaire (right), for example, the small openings are filled with treats, and the balls are placed over them. There is a small hole in the ball at the top so that the cats can sniff out the treats and only get to the snack by skill.

Dog pool for cats (?)

If intelligence games aren’t for your cat and you have a little water rat at home instead, then Kitty Lake would be just the thing for you! Simply put a towel on the floor, pour water into the “pool”, and put toys in, and off you go. Please do not let the cat play unattended! To make playing at Kitty Lake even more attractive, treats can be placed on the foam toy. The cat is attracted by the smell and most simply cannot resist fishing it out of the water.

Your favorite toy

can also play a very special role on hot days. Cats sweat, but not all over their bodies. Your sweat glands sit between the balls of the toes and soles. Therefore, it is important to keep them cool. This works best with cold toys. Simply put the cat’s favorite toy in the freezer (as long as the toy is suitable). Valerian pillows, for example, are very suitable. Usually, the cushions are made of robust fabric and can be frozen without hesitation. The stimulating fragrance note is also maintained by freezing. After a few hours in the freezer, the cooling game round can start.

Cooling places

We, humans, look for nice cool places on the terrace in summer. We are also happy about beautiful places where you can cool off. Here the cooling mat for cats is great. This can be used indoors as well as outdoors. On the terrace in a beautiful shady corner or inside the apartment. With a pillowcase, it can be avoided that the cat “sinks” its claws into the mat. The liquid inside the mat is not harmful, but the cooling effect decreases, so please use the cooling mat only under supervision. The mat reacts to physical contact, so it cools as soon as the cat enters the mat with the paws. While some cats immediately accept the cooling place, other velvet paws must first be accustomed to the new place. This can be done by curling with treats or the mat is placed on the cat’s favorite spot.

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