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Google reviews

Google is the most well-known and important search engine in the world. Nearly every service provider or company has its own website. They are also listed in Google’s Google My Business business directory. Google evaluations are becoming more relevant for rankings and new customer acquisition. It’s no surprise that 67% of offline customers use service provider sites, regardless of whether they are chefs, accountants, lawyers, doctors, or tax consultants. They find it via Google.

Reviews are often not objective and fair. Customers who are angry write about their feelings, employees make fun of their former employer and rivals spread information about the company. It is a sad fact that customers are less likely to evaluate something if they are satisfied.


Potential customers will consider a good Google review as a key decision-making criterion. A good reputation for your company, products and services will lead to significantly higher sales. A single Google Rating can sometimes be enough to drive a significant increase in sales. The extent of this increase will depend on how many competitors have already established their businesses. A restaurant needs more BUY GOOGLE REVIEWS than a trade metal. The adjacent graphic shows how reviews can influence your decision-making.

We recommend you check out the Google profiles for your competitors. You will be able to see how many reviews you require. Local people (Google Local Guides) should also prepare the Google ratings. allows you to meet these people and ensures that you get ratings from them.


What is the importance of Buying google reviews? What number of star ratings is necessary to keep up with my competition? What should I do if there are negative reviews? How can I identify fake reviews? Is it wise to purchase Google Reviews by yourself?

On more than 45 pages, you can find everything about google reviews. The e-book provides detailed statistics and surveys about ratings. The study’s evaluations and knowledge can be used to help you draw the right conclusions and measures for your business. This will allow you to increase your sales and encourage more customers to buy from your company and add your products into their shopping carts.


It is important that your My Business profile has a positive Google rating to improve your visibility and sales. This will also help to maintain your company’s positive reputation. Our tip: Respond to any review. Thanks for your positive feedback, but please also reply to negative reviews. Describe your objective view. Be open to learning from your mistakes and being flexible. Sometimes, a negative star review is not considered bad if it has been resolved.

Our algorithm calculates the number of reviews that you will need to have a natural setup based on rankings, competitor changes, and other factors. We generate for you a consistent and regular star Google rating so you can focus on your business.

We will send you regular emails to keep you updated about any new star reviews. You can also add reviews to other platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Tripadvisor. This is a cost-effective way to increase your reach on these platforms. Our friendly support team is always available for you if you have questions or need individual advice.


Did you know that Google’s first three search results for a term receive more than half (or 56%) of all clicks? Do you want to know how you can get your company to the top? Ratings on your Google My Business profile are one of the most important aspects.

Your profile tells you a lot about your customers! Even more important, potential customers will decide whether to visit your cafe, restaurant, bar, pub, or other establishments based on your past reputation. Whether they add products to their shopping basket or not. This is the problem. Customers who are not satisfied give a rating that is correspondingly higher than those who are satisfied. is here to help.

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