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Best Movies, TV Shows, and Film Franchises of 2022

There are a number of film franchises and TV shows coming out in 2022. Here’s our list of the top 20 movies, TV shows, and film franchises for the year 2022. If you’re looking for something different for your television viewing pleasure, try some of these popular choices:

Top 20 movies of 2022

If you’re planning to see 2022 films, then you’re in luck. Half of the year is already gone, and there are dozens of great movies to choose from. From blockbusters to microbudget indies to mockumentaries, the list is sure to please.

“Coda” is one of the best movies of 2022, but it debuted in 2021 but most people saw it during the 2022 Oscars. This movie is a semi-autobiographical tale of grief and growing up. The film stars Rebecca Hall, who sells the film’s strange twists with conviction.

“Scream” redefined the slasher genre, and its sequels have commented on the changing landscape of the genre. “Scream” sequel 5 tackles the modern trend of “requels” and “legacy characters” passing the torch to the next generation. It’s chock full of inside jokes for cinephiles, and the movie also serves as a thrilling horror “whodunnit.”

“The Batman” is an incredibly dark and innovative film from director Matt Reeves. It brings back the superhero from his detective roots. This film is closer to a 1970s neo-noir story than an action blockbuster, but has an ambitious three-hour runtime. It features memorable performances, gorgeous photography, and deep exploration of the character.

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Top 10 TV shows of 2022

In a recent list of the best television shows of 2022, TV Guide highlighted a handful of returning favorites and unexpected newcomers. The list includes shows on traditional networks as well as tech-backed streaming services. Some of the list was dominated by dramas, while others featured comedies and new shows.

In the restaurant world, The Bear is a dramedy following a James Beard Award-winning chef who returns home to run his family’s sandwich shop after the suicide of his brother. The show is an affecting and raw story of trauma, family, and addiction. It was a critical and commercial success, recurring after a second season.

“The Dropout” is one of the few shows that nails the story of a scam artist. Starring Amanda Seyfried as the founder of Theranos, this mockumentary drama portrays the life of the infamous entrepreneur. While it may be a comedy, it has surprising emotional resonance.

Another series based on a book by the same name stars Gary Oldman as Ptolemy Grey, a 93-year-old man who is a television personality. The series focuses on his struggle to regain his memories. He uses his newfound skills to solve a mystery involving his nephew. The show also explores his relationship with his family and the role he plays in American society.

“Severance” is another show worth checking out. The cast of this sci-fi thriller is tight and often hilarious, with the concept morphing into a dark and sinister place as it progresses. The actors include Patricia Arquette, Tramell Tillman, Britt Lower, and Christopher Walken. The show has a wacky concept that feels reminiscent of an episode of Black Mirror. Its technology is plausible, but terrifying if it falls into the wrong hands.

Top 10 film franchises of 2022

If you’re in the market for a new film franchise, there are many great choices to make. For instance, the popular Batman franchise has already spawned four films and is poised to continue with a fifth in 2022. In addition to the franchise’s successful run in theaters, there are a number of other franchises on the horizon, including the upcoming Wonder Woman and Black Adam films.

In addition to being cultural touchstones, movie franchises offer lucrative business opportunities, often resulting in billions of dollars in box office revenue. Once a franchise reaches the pinnacle of its financial success, it can continue to benefit its owner for decades to come. This article will take a look at some of the biggest franchises of 2022.

“Toy Story” is another franchise with a history of success. It began as an animated feature and continued to expand with live-action films. The first film was a hit in the 1990s, and the sequels starred Tim Allen and Tom Hanks. The fifth film in the franchise, “Bumblebee,” will feature Chris Evans as the titular character. Another popular film franchise is the Marvel Comics movies. These films have been popular since 2008, and the latest movie, “Spider-Man: No Way Home,” has grossed over $1.53 billion worldwide. There are several more Marvel movies in the works, as well as several series on Disney+.

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