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10 Electrical Mistakes People Make With Home Electricity

10 Electrical Mistakes People Make With Home Electricity

We all know that electricity is dangerous. We’ve been taught it since we were kids. And yet, even as adults, we continue to make careless mistakes with electricity in our homes.

Today, I’m going to list the 10 most common electrical mistakes people make in their homes. Hopefully, this will help you avoid making these mistakes yourself!

What harm can electrical mistakes do?

Electrical mistakes can cause a lot of harm. For example, if a wire is exposed and someone touches it, they could get a shock. If water gets into an electrical outlet, it can create a dangerous situation. And if there is an electrical fire, it can be very dangerous for people in the area.

It’s important to be aware of the dangers of electricity and to take precautions to avoid accidents. Always be careful when working with electricity and never touch wires that are exposed. Make sure all electrical outlets are covered with plastic covers and that you don’t overload outlets with too many plugs. And if there is an electrical fire, know how to safely evacuate the area.

Common electrical mistakes:

1. Not Earthing Outlets

One of the most common electrical mistakes people make is not grounding their outlets. This leaves your home vulnerable to electrical shocks and fires. If you’re not sure how to Earth an outlet, hire an electrician to do it for you.

2. Overloading Outlets

Another mistake people make is overloading outlets. This can happen when you plug too many devices into one outlet or if you use adapters that allow you to plug more than one device into one outlet. Overloaded outlets are a major fire hazard, so make sure to spread your devices out among different outlets.

3. Not Replacing Old Wiring

As homes age, their wiring can become outdated and dangerous. If you live in an older home, it’s important to have your wiring checked by a professional electrician. They can determine if your wiring needs to be updated or replaced.

4. Ignoring Warning Signs

If you notice any sparking from outlets or appliances, burning smells, or dimming lights, these are all warning signs that there’s an electrical problem in your home. Don’t ignore these signs! Call an emergency electrician right away to have them come and take a look.

5. Do-It-Yourself Electrical Repairs

Unless you’re a professional electrician, you should never attempt to do your own electrical repairs. This is incredibly dangerous and could result in serious injury or even death. If you’re having electrical problems, call a professional electrician to come and take a look.

6. Improper Light Bulb Usage

Using the wrong light bulbs in your fixtures can cause them to overheat and start a fire. Make sure you’re using the correct light bulbs for your fixtures and that you’re not using more wattage than the fixture is rated for.

7. Incorrectly Installing Light Fixtures

If you’re not an electrician, you shouldn’t be installing light fixtures. This is a job best left to the professionals. Improperly installed light fixtures can be very dangerous and pose a serious fire hazard.

8. Tampering with the Consumer Unit

The meter box is a very important part of your home’s electrical system. It houses the main consumer unit, which controls all the electricity in your home. Only a professional electrician should ever tamper with the consumer unit.

9. Water and Electricity Don’t Mix

Another very important rule to remember is that water and electricity don’t mix. This means you should never use electrical appliances or outlets near water. This includes things like hair dryers, curling irons, toasters, and even vacuum cleaners. If an appliance falls into water, unplug it immediately and call an electrician.

10. Outdoor Electrical Safety

Finally, don’t forget about outdoor electrical safety. If you have any outdoor outlets, make sure they’re properly earthed and weatherproofed. And always unplug any electronics before you bring them indoors.

Tips to prevent making electrical mistakes:

  • Follow the rules for earthing outlets
  • Use adapters sparingly to avoid overloading outlets.
  • Check the wiring in older homes and update it if necessary.
  • Heed warning signs of electrical problems.
  • Never attempt DIY electrical repairs – call a professional electrician instead.
  • Use the correct light bulbs for your fixtures.
  • Install light fixtures correctly – hire a professional electrician to do it if you’re not sure how.
  • Don’t tamper with the consumer unit.
  • Keep electrical appliances and outlets away from water.
  • Be aware of outdoor electrical safety hazards

How to know which emergency electrician to call?

1. If you have an electrical emergency, the first thing you should do is call your local utility company. They can help you troubleshoot the problem and may even be able to dispatch an emergency electrician to your home if necessary.

2. If you have a general electrical repair or maintenance issue, you can call a licensed electrician. Make sure to ask for references and check them out before hiring anyone.

3. If you’re not sure whether or not an electrician is needed, it’s always best to err on the side of caution and call one anyway. They can assess the situation and let you know if there’s a problem that needs to be addressed.

What qualities to look for in an electrician?

When hiring an electrician, you should always look for someone who is qualified and insured. You should also ask for references and check them out before hiring anyone.

They must be fully qualified:

In order to work as an electrician in England, you must be fully qualified. Every electrician would have spent at least three years a college, and would be required to pass exams.

They must be insured:

Electricians should also be insured in case they cause any damage to your home or injure themselves while working.


When hiring an electrician, you should always ask for references. This will allow you to check out the electrician’s work and see if they’re someone you want to hire.


It’s also a good idea to find an electrician who has experience working in your specific type of home. For example, if you have an older home, you’ll want to find an electrician who has experience working with older wiring.


Electricity is an essential part of our daily lives, but it can also be dangerous if not used properly. By following the tips in this article, you can help ensure that you and your family stay safe from electrical accidents. If you have any questions or concerns about electrical safety, be sure to contact a professional emergency electrician.

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