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Top 10 Electrical Businesses in USA

What is it exactly that are Electrical Companies?

The conductors of electrical circuits are a crucial element in ensuring the steady distribution of electricity throughout the nation. Electric companies oversee production, distribution , and distribution of electricity to various areas like aviation, agriculture , education and entertainment for residential and infrastructure, industrial and healthcare.

Each nation has its own power distribution and management companies that are based on their anticipated consumption. We will look at the top 10 electricity Companies within the USA 2022..

List of the Top 10 Electrical Companies in the USA 2022:


MyR GROUP is one of the oldest electrical businesses that was established in 1891 through the concept that was conceived by Richard Swartz. Its business is spread throughout Canada in addition to the USA across both the USA in the USA and Canada and employs more than 6000 employees. The most important reason behind its unwavering consistency is the exceptional work they perform that helps to strengthen connections and the safety of their employees. Its primary focus is on substations for transmission and distribution and river crossings for construction, energy conservation. It is also among the electrical engineering companies.

Pros and Pros and The company is the owner of various affiliates, including LE Myers Co, Sturgeon Electric, MYR Energy Services, ES Boulous Company, and High Country Line Constructions. The most notable projects include Lexington Dooms Transmission Line, Eastern Maine Medical Center, Cabot Station Generating Plant, and Southwest Minnesota Transmission Upgrade. The project also received the Zero Injury Award and Safety Excellence Award by NECA in 2020.

  • Contact: 847-290-1891
  • Address: 12150 E 112TH Ave Henderson, CO, 80640-9116 United States
  • Email:


It was in 1919 that Moses Rosendin established an American electrical firm named Rosendin Electric with its headquarters at San Jose, California. Mike Greenawalt (CEO), Matt Englert (COO), Keith Douglas (COO), and Paolo DeGrassi (President) are currently the CEOs of the company.

It employs more than 6200 people and is responsible for commercial education, biotech entertainment, healthcare, and entertainment sectors. Some of its most well-known services include that of the application of video/audio, information modeling engineering, energy conservation, prefabrication, as well as integrated delivery of projects.

Benefits and Advantages The company is always seeking to attract customers and to increase its efficiency and the technology to increase the quality of projects and profits. The company is committed to the ethical standards and principles that are set by the business world and considers the security of its workers as the top priority.

The numerous associations across the world have built an impressive reputation on the market. The top achievements of the firm include JW Marriott Anaheim, Wilshire Grand Center, Alameda County Juvenile Justice Center and as and Austin Bergstrom International Airport. It is among the most prominent electrical businesses all over the world..

  • Contact: +1 408-286-2800
  • Address 880 Mabury Rd, San Jose, CA 95133, United States


Henkels & McCoy Groupis an privately-owned electrical engineering and construction company. It was founded in 1923 as the consequence of a dream which was dreamed up by T. Roderick Henkels, and David J. Cox and James A Duffy is managing the business at present. The corporate headquarters is located in Pennsylvania and is home to over 500 employees. It is famous for its transmission, distribution pipeline integration, and gas distribution solutions.

Advantages and Advantages and Henkels & McCoy prioritizes the safety that its staff members enjoy, which translates to that they can cut the cost of projects and building relationships with its clients. The most famous collaborations are those with AWEA, NWPPA, IPAA, AGA, DCA, MEA, NFPA, PCCA and PCCA and the Northeast Gas Association. These are the top 10 electricity firms within the USA 2022. It also provides top-quality services for its customers like engineering design, construction, design, along with project management continuous management, as well as emergency assistance.

The company has won prizes such as Best 600 Specialty Conductors (8th), EC&M Top 20 Electrical Contractors (6th) as in addition to The Electrical All-Star Under 30 (2020). It’s among the largest electrical firms..

  • Contact: 1-215-283-7600
  • Address 985 Jolly Rd Blue Bell, PA 19422 United States

CUPERTINO Electric :

Cupertino Electric, formerly known as Kucher Electric, is a private company that specializes in electrical engineering and construction. It was established in the year 1954 in response to the thoughts of Eugene Ravizza, and Tom Schott is currently the company’s manager. The company’s headquarters is at San Jose, California, and it employs more than 3800 people. It is renowned for its unique designs, top-quality services and unique experience with technology.

Benefits and advantages: Cupertino Electric prioritizes its employees’ security as well as the complete satisfaction of its customers and the timely the completion of projects. The most well-known projects are towns like Palo Alto, Levi’s Stadium, Solar Play, Transbay Cable, Harvey Milk Terminal and Thunder Valley Casino & Resort.

It also provides top-quality service for its clients, which include the renewable power sector, as well as prefabrication electrical installation, data centre design and construction. It is one of the most renowned companies catering the electrical industry.

  • Contact: +1 408-808-8000
  • Address 1132 North 7th St, San Jose, CA 95112, United States
  • Email:


Five Star Electric began operations as a construction firm in 1959. Later, it became an electrical corporation. Russell S. Lancey (CEO) and Robert J. Saville (VP) oversee the company with its headquarters located within New York. The company is working to tailor the services offered to meet the requirements of its customers and stay on top of the latest technologies.

Its goal is to complete every task with integrity trust, stability and reliability. It also is dedicated to safety and effectiveness. The company has more than 1500 employees, who are able to efficiently run the construction, engineering and contracting departments.

Advantages and Benefits: Advantages and Benefits: electrical corporation is true to its name and is in charge of controlling tasks like audio/visual security power, light and power, and transmission signals and instruments. It assists various industries, including aviation, healthcare and hotels, education and residential. One World Trade Center, Madison Square Garden Station, and Helen and Martin Kimmel Center.

The company also assists with Newtown Creek Water Pollution Control Plant and Columbia University’s Jerome L. Greene Science Center. Since 2011, Five Star Electric is operating under the direction of Tutor Perini Corporation. Five Star Electric is one of the most prestigious electrical companies in the USA until 2022.

  • Contact: +1 718-641-5000
  • Address: 101-32 101st St, Queens, NY 11416, United States
  • Email:


Faith Technologiesis an American electrical company that was established in 1972, as a result of the ideas of Mike Jansen. The company’s headquarters are in Wisconsin and has an employee number of over 1645.

The company oversees designs, developing installation engineers energy efficiency communications, and industrial divisions. The services it offers are ARC Flash, Critical power design-build field and preconstruction, as well as preconstruction and field services.

Advantages and benefits: The company formulates high-end opportunities to improve the investment and leadership skills for its employees. Some of the notable initiatives are Tushaus, T-REX, CABELA’s, Kalahari Resort, Palermo Villa, Mercury Marine, and Triumph Foods.

Furthermore, there’s Score Dairyland, Freeport Lift Bridge, Encircle Health, Project Vortex, Quad Graphics and Staten Island Ferry. It’s one of the most reputable electrical engineering firms.

  • Contact: +1 920-225-6500
  • Address: 201 Main St, Menasha, WI 54952, United States
  • Email:


It was in 1994 that Jorge Mas Canosa decided to start an electrical corporation called Mastec Inc. Mastec Incin the USA. The American electrical company is located in Coral Gables, Florida, and is run of Jose Mas (CEO).

It is a leader in the major construction projects, engineers, and project management and employs more than 22000 employees. The company offers the best infrastructure services and is a supporter of environmental and energy conservation.

Advantages and benefits: Mastec expertise in electricity generation wireless connection with renewable power sources along with natural gas pipelines to transport natural gas and oil. Mastec also provides drainage systems and upgrades to infrastructure along with wind farms and solar power as well as satellite communications services. The organizations include Aberdeen Proving Ground, Windfarm Construction, Solar Power Project and Burlington CO.

There are numerous subsidiaries operating under its supervision. These comprise Pumpco, Wanzek, Byers Engineer, MasTec Quadgen, Fabcor, Globe Tec, EC Source and 3 Phase Line. It’s among the top companies that cater to electricians.

  • Contact: (305) 599-1800
  • Address: 800 S Douglas Rd Ste 1200 Coral Gables, FL, 33134-3165 United States


It was 1994 when Anthony J. Guzzi was the first to start The first American electric company called the EMCOR Group with its headquarters located in Norwalk, Connecticut. It is among the Fortune500 companies with over 33000 workers and has 170 places around the world.

It also includes industrial, commercial transport infrastructure, medical infrastructure and the institution sector. The best services are buildings’ protection from fire, as well as the automation of indoor air quality and energy efficiency.

Benefits and Benefits Since its introduction, EMCOR has acquired numerous businesses operating in accordance to its rules and regulations. The top Ten Electrical Companies of USA 2022 The companies that are included include Consolidated Engineering, Comfort Systems, Fluidics Inc, Ohmstede Ltd, Scalise Industries, Ardent Services, and CCI Mechanical.

Some of the notable projects are Port of Miami, George Washington Bridge, Herbert Hoover Dike as well as NASA John C. Stennis Space Center. It has been involved in projects that involve ABC, ACCA, AGC, AHLA, ASH RAE, BCA, BSC, BOMA, CURT, DBIA, ESGR, GBCA, ISSA, IFMA, MCAA and RoSPA.This is among the most reliable electrical companies which will operate in the USA in 2022.

  • Contact: 8668907794.
  • Contact: Norwalk, Connecticut, United States
  • Email:


Quanta Services is an American electrical company that was established in 1997. Duke Austin (CEO) and James H. Haddox (CFO) are the present owners of the company. The headquarters of the business is at Houston, Texas, and employs over 40000 employees. Top 10 Electrical Companies in the USA 2022. The company efficiently manages industrial, commercial, communication and infrastructural divisions. The company is focused on satisfaction with its clients and the security of its employees, as well as the efficacy of transmitting signals.

Advantages and Advantages and This electric firm is involved in planning, design, maintenance and installation of the process of projects. The most prominent projects are Maurepas Pipeline, Labrador Island Link, Mountaineer Express, Bruce Power B18 LAN, Fort McMurray West, and Transelca Lattice Tower Replacement.

The company has also received recognition from reputable organisations, like The ENR Top 600, Houston Chronicle 100 list, American Heart Association, and FORTUNE The world’s most loved businesses. It’s among the most trusted electrical companies that are part of the USA.

  • Contact: (713) 629-7600
  • Address: Houston, Texas, United States
  • Email: (713) 629-7600


Integrated Electrical Services, popularly known as IES Holdings, or IES Holdingswas founded as an electrical business . It was founded in 1997. Jeffrey Gendell (Chairman), Gary Matthews (CEO), and Gail D. Makode (CLO) manage the company at present. The headquarters of the company is in Houston, Texas, and employs over 5000 employees.

The company can efficiently manage electrical, commercial, industrial and contracting departments. The business is spread across the globe and ranks 5th among the 100 best-performing public companies situated in Houston.

The company specializes in solar transmission, AV transmissions security alarms distribution commercial, residential communications, low-voltage service. Top 10 electrical companies in the USA 2022 and additional services like emergencies, troubleshooting and testing, maintenance, as well as critical plant shutdown.

Some of the projects are Valent Biosciences, Linus Pauling Science Center and Medford PP Mix Spheres. IES also bought MISCO Group, NEXT Electric, HR Allen, Technibus Inc and Electrical Conductors North Inc. It’s one of the top 10 electrical companies.

  • Contact: +1 713-860-1500
  • Address 5433 Westheimer Rd #500, Houston, TX 77056, United States

The Best Electrical Companies in USA 2022 :

#.Corporate NamesWebsites of Companies
6FAITH Technology
9Quanta Services

large electrical companies with top electrical engineers the top electrical engineering firms Electrical businesses located in IndiaTop electrical engineering companies top electrical electrical firms around the world

FAQs on the top 10 electrical companies that are located in the USA 2022:

Which is the most powerful electrical company?

1. Pacific Gas & Electric
2. Southern California Edison
3. Florida Power & Light
4. Consolidated Edison
5. Georgia Power
6. Dominion Energy
7. DTE Energy
8. Duke Energy Carolinas
9. Consumers Energy Who generates the most electricity in the world?

China is world’s largest producer of electricity. It produces the majority of the 7503 tonnes of electricity it produced in 2019 through coal and hydroelectricity.

What are the best six firms in the energy sector?

They are also known by the name of “Big Six” Energy Providers They comprise British Gas, EDF Energy E. ON, Npower, Scottish Power along with SSE.

The nation with the most electric power?

In accordance with research by the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA), Canada and the United States were the two nations with the highest energy consumption per person in 2017.

Which is the biggest electric company in the world?

The State Grid Corporation of China is the biggest power company worldwide in terms of revenues. Image credit: Ermell. Top 10 electrical companies in the USA 2022. The state-owned energy company State Grid Corporation of China (SGCC) made an income of $347 billion in 2018 that helped it become the most powerful energy corporation.

Who owns the biggest energy company?

The State Grid Corporation of China is the biggest energy company worldwide by revenue.

Which is the largest electric consumption in the globe?

China utilizes the most electricity of any nation all over the world. China is the home of the world’s biggest electricity consumption. United States ranks as the second largest user of electricity of 4,194 terawatt-hours in the year 2019 . It was then in line with the top Ten electrical firms in India and the USA 2022, by a significant amount.

Which African country has the most electricity?

Uganda is ranked at the among the top African countries that have developed electrical regulation frameworks ERI 2020 study. Uganda has for three consecutive years, been named as one of the most prestigious Ten Electrical Companies within the USA 2022 by the current Electricity Regulatory Index Report published by the African Development Bank.

Where can I get the most cost-effective power across the world?

Due to its enormous natural crude oil and gas production capacity, as well as its position as an energy exporter’s in the net sense, Qatar enjoys one of the lowest electricity rates across the world. Top 10 Electricity firms located in USA 2022. In the USA the average household pays only 0.03 U.S. dollars per Kilowatt-hour.

Which are the least reliable energy firms?

The top companies that had low customer satisfaction included the most prominent companies with poor ratings included. ON, SSE, British Gas, EDF Energy, Npower and Scottish Power, otherwise known as the Big Six energy companies.

Which country has the world’s most modern power grid?

A small portion of the an inland area, but massive in power and energy requirements, Singapore makes the most of its electric grid.

Is the world’s most potent nuclear power plant found within the United States?

Palo Verde Generating Station (PVGS) is widely regarded as the largest nuclear power plant in the United States. Ten of the most prestigious Electrical Companies that will be located in the USA 2022. The plant is located just 55 miles east of downtown Phoenix located in the town of Wintersburg. of Wintersburg, Arizona.

What’s the rationale behind why Texas is the sole state in the country with an electricity grid of its own?

In an article written by The main reason behind Texas having a electric grid it owns is to avoid being subject to federal oversight. Top 10 electrical firms in the USA 2022. The law allowed the transmission of electricity across state lines to be controlled. Texas electric utilities were also a part of the strict regulation, stopping them from entering state boundaries.

What did happen with What happened to Texas grid?

With the increasing number of resources went off rapidly and swiftly and quickly, the frequency of the Texas grids began to drop. ERCOT continued to request additional top 10 load Electrical Companies in the USA 2022 to be taken from the grid, to help keep up with the rising demands of the winter cold conditions as well as rapid-breaking power plants.

Is China completely electrified?

China is fully digitalized to the size of its population which is 1.4 billion including the remotest villages.

Is there a more powerful energy plant on the world?

TEPCO’s Co.’s (TEPCO) Kashiwazaki Kariwa nuclear power plant within Japan is Japan’s world’s biggest nuclear power stationin the world, with the 796MW of capacity. The top 10 electrical businesses in USA USA 2022. kashiwazaki contains seven boiling water reactors (BWR) which have the capacity to build 8212MW.

The country with the largest amount of energy stations?

The most significant source of electricity from nuclear sources is located in the United States with 789,919 GWh of nuclear power by 2020. That’s China with 344 748 GWh. The top 10 Electrical businesses in USA USA 2022. As of 20 December 2020, 448 reactors with capacity of estimated 397,777 MWe are operating and 51 reactors with 53,905 MWe in construction.

How many electrical contractor companies exist in the US?

It is estimated that there are 43,784 medium – and small-sized businesses with less than five employees within Electrical wiring as well as electrical contractors industry throughout the United States.

How many electric companies are operating within the US?

Electric utility companies that operate across all of the United States is estimated at approximately 3,300 with 200 of them providing electricity for the vast majority of their customers. The top 10 electric companies within the USA USA 2022. The U.S. power grid connects roughly 2.5 million miles of feeder cables and more than 450,000 miles of high-voltage transmission lines.

How many electricians will there be throughout the US in 2021?

The number of businesses that are in the US is 22,107 Electricians businesses within the US in 2021. this represents the increase is 1.6 percent from 2020.

Are the industries of electrical power booming?

This means that the revenues have increased due to the increasing demands from residential sector growing at a rate of 2.0 percentage all the way to $202.3 billion in five years beginning in 2021. The top 10 electrical companies within the USA 2022 that includes the increase of 3.0 percent by 2021. 

Where does the US get its electricity?

In accordance with information from U.S. Energy Information Administration The majority of the nation’s electric power was generated by natural gas, coal, as well for nuclear power in the year 2019. Top 10 electrical firms in the USA 2022. Electricity can also be generated by using renewable energy sources, like hydropower, biomass, geothermal, solar and wind energy.

Are water and electricity being privatized in the USA?

Public-sector utilitiesprovide most of the electricity generation and transmission and distribution in the United States. But the federal government owns a part of the electric infrastructure throughout the United States.

Do America import electricity? US buy electricity from overseas?

It is believed to be that United States imported 59.05 Terawatt-hours of electricity in the year, mostly from Canada and Mexico. But overall, imports of electricity in the Top 10 electrical Companies across the USA 2022 and the United States are currently higher than they were in 1990s’ later 90s and exports of electricity have also diminished.

What percentage of US electricity generation is generated from coal?

19.3 percentage of US electricity comes by coal.

How many gigawatts does China use?

In the year 2020, about 200 gigawatts of power production capacity was built in China. China is considered to be one of of the Top 10 electrical firms in USA 2022 nations across the world. The increase in the population and continued economic growth in the past has created an enormous demand for energy in China.

How many gigawatts does the US make use of?

America Today has 27.2 gigawatts of solar energy What does this mean? – Inside Climate News.

Can electricians get rich?

Electricians are paid by the hour or the rate of a daily basis. They must earn their money or the amount of hours they are in a position to work throughout the day. There are instances when they’re paid on an hourly basis, which means that when they complete a project quickly, the top 10 electrical companies are in USA 2022 will earn more money, but you’ll never make it to the millionaire club working for a firm.

Are electricians in high demand in the USA?

The market for electricians is predicted to grow by 9 percent between 2020 to 2030, about similar to that of all professions. Top 10 Electrical Companies in the USA 2022 There are around 84,700 jobs for electricians predicted each year, which is on average over the next 10 years.

What is the average time of work for electricians?

The life expectancy of Electricians is 40.9, and male employees are typically 1.55 years more old than female employees.

What is the biggest energy source for the Earth?

The largest source of energy is sunlight. Solar energy from the sun is at the root of the majority of energy on Earth. Solar energy is derived directly from sun. The top 10 electric companies of the USA 2022. Sunlight is able to produce electricity by using the sun’s energy (photovoltaic) cells.

What is the main source of power across the world?

Around the globe, coal closely is followed by gas as the biggest generator of electricity. From the sources that are carbon-free, leading Ten Electrical Companies in USA 2022 Hydropower and nuclear power are the two major sources, but solar and wind are growing quickly.

What is the source of electricity that generates the most in the US?

Fossil fuels are amongst the primary sources of energy utilized for electricity generation. Natural gas was the main source, accounting for around 40 percent from U.S. electricity generation in 2020.

Does the US buy electricity from Mexico?

In the year 2019, United States imported 6.74 trillion Terawatt-hours of electricity in in 2019 from Mexico. The imports from Canada’s electricity , the top 10 Electric Companies for USA 2022 was significantly higher compared to Mexico’s imports of electricity. In the year of 2019 2019 it was reported that the U.S. total electricity import amount totaled 59.05 Terawatt-hours.

What is the percentage of electricity that US consumers in the US import?

Total U.S. annual primary energy net imports (imports less exports) generally increased in many years prior to the mid-1950s. They reached a record in 2005, representing roughly 30% of entire U.S. energy consumption. Ten of the top electrical firms for USA 2022 and beyond the all-year energy consumption has decreased and the exports of energy are growing.

Do America export electricity? United States export electricity?

Since 1990, the exports of electricity from the United States to its neighboring countries, Canada and Mexico, increased to over 20 terawatts-hours at the end of the year. Top 10 electrical businesses from USA 2022. Between 1990 and the year of 2019 data has been increasing by approximately 5.8 trillion terawatts. In the year of 2019 the year 2019 it was reported that in 2019, the U.S. electricity import volume exceeded 59 terawatt hours.

Where does the US get electricity?

According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration the majority of America’s electricity was generated by natural gas, coal and nuclear power in 2019. Top 10 electrical firms in the USA 2022. Electricity is also produced from renewable sources, like biomass, hydropower geothermal, wind and solar energy.

What is the primary power source that China has? China?

Around 54% of China’s electricity is generated by thermal coal and utilities have faced a tough to keep up with the post-pandemic demand in the last year, because more security checks have been conducted at mining sites in China have a limited supply, while the demand from manufacturers and industries increased. Top 10 Electricity Companies in the USA 2022. What sectors will be affected by power outages?

Are the advantages from becoming an electrician worthwhile?

Learning to become an an electrical engineer certainly worth the four years of apprenticeship. It is possible to earn a good living. In fact, electricians are among the highest paid of the skilled tradesmen, whereas plumbers rank an even second. (Plumbers could earn more in certain areas).


Electricity is one of the most significant inventions of our times. It’s difficult to imagine a world without electrical wires. Top 10 electrical firms located in USA 2022. John Wesley quotes that electricity is the core of our Universe and it’s essential to use it in a proper manner.

There are numerous towns, villages and suburbs around the world that are secluded in the darkness. Everyone of us should decide to take part in the conservation of energy for us to make sure that our planet remains shining. So, let’s save energy in order to have a bright future!

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